Meet Brenda, a Smiley member from Kentucky. Read her interview below to learn about her Smiley experience!

Meet Brenda, a Smiley member from Kentucky. Read her interview below to learn about her Smiley experience!

Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live!

My name is Brenda and I am originally from Louisville, KY but I moved to a small town in Arkansas about 6 years ago and I love the change of pace! I am married and have two grown daughters, a 10 year old stepson and three grandchildren ranging from 3 months old to 7. I miss my daughters and grandchildren terribly but I wouldn’t want to go back to the hussle and bussle of city life for anything!

How did you discover Smiley360?

I first heard about Smiley360 through Facebook.  Several of my friends had posted about the awesome missions they were working on and I just HAD to be part of it! I was thrilled to be accepted and I’m even more thrilled that I have now been chosen as a featured member!

What do you like about being a Smiley member?

I love EVERYTHING about being a Smiley member!  Not only do I get awesome products to try, I also am encouraged to tell everyone what I think about them!  Since I absolutely love to share my “finds”this is a great site for me to be a part of!

What has been your favorite Smiley360 mission you have ever done and why?

I am torn between two favorite missions! I love the Sleep Number pillow I got through Smiley and I cannot sleep without it. I even carry it with me when I travel because hotel pillows can’t touch the comfort of my Sleep Number pillow.  I also really enjoyed the BIC permanent marker campaign.  It made me feel like a child that just got their new back to school supplies! I still color with them at least twice a week and have seriously enjoyed the calm it brings!

How do you share when you’re on a mission?

I love to share my Smiley missions as often as I can.  I have a blog and a Facebook page for my blog that is dedicated to telling people about all of my great missions and any other ways I can find to save money or get free items.  I am very new to blogging, but so far I love it! I have made a lot of new friends through sharing my experiences and there is nothing better than that!  I cannot wait to post on my blog about being a featured Smiley member! I am proud to be selected and I hope it leads to even more Smiley missions!

Do you think it is important for brands to listen to their customers? Why?

I think it’s very important for brands to listen to their customers!  Only the people that actually use the product and experience the pros and cons of the product can really tell them what it is they like, or don’t like.  What a great way for brands to learn what the “real” people want.  Sometimes a product may be ok but with just a little tweek they could be amazing and if companies listen to their customers they will learn how to take a product from ok status to a “must have” item!

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

If I could share a dinner with anyone in the world I think I would choose the CEO of Walmart.  I would love to sit down with them and tell them about changes that I think need to made in their stores!  For a business that makes the type of money they do, they rarely have enough employees available to help customers. There is nothing more frustrating than going into a store with a simple question and being led from person to person to try to find the answer because none of them are knowledgeable about what the store offers or their store policies. I won’t even get into how frustrating it is to finish your shopping and go to the check out only to find the line has about 5 or 6 customers already waiting and only one cashier for the entire store!  I don’t think the CEO of Walmart would enjoy our dinner much, but I would sure enjoy talking to them about this and hearing their responses.

What brands or products could you not live without?

I think the products that I couldn’t live without would be my Sleep Number pillow (I seriously do not sleep well without it. I learned this the hard way) and Diet Coke!  I am worse than a coffee addict about my Diet Coke!  I have one every morning just to kick myself in gear and get the day started and my husband makes sure I am always stocked because he knows if I don’t have one I will be a cranky mess!


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