Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live!

I live with my family in Litchfield, ME and have five beautiful children and two beautiful stepchildren.  I am married to my prince charming and we love spending time with our children.  We all love to go hiking, swimming and camping.  I am also a full time college student and hold a full time job. I am a busy woman but love my life.

How did you discover Smiley360?

I discovered Smiley360 from my cousin who got me hooked!  I registered and the rest is history. I recommend Smiley360 to everyone I know. I log into my account a couple times a week and always make sure my surveys are completed. I love trying new products and giving my opinions about them!

What’s your favorite thing about being a Smiley member?

My favorite thing about being a Smiley member is trying out new products. Some products I have never heard of and cannot live without them now.

What has been your favorite Smiley Mission you have ever done and why?

My favorite Mission was BIC Mark-It! My kids and I decorated so many items with these markers.  It was awesome to have a project from Smiley360!

How do you share when you’re on a Mission?

I share Missions with my mommy freebie group each week, online on Facebook and Twitter, on the Smiley360 website, on the Walmart website, with co-workers and by talking to new people.

Do you think it is important for brands to listen to their customers? Why?

Yes! All brands should listen to their customers because we are the ones buying the products. We know what we like and we tell everyone we know if it is a good or bad product.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Jamaica! I would love to be able to take a vacation/honeymoon with my husband. Jamaica is where we originally planned and will go one day. The beaches are gorgeous!

What brands or products would you love to see on a Smiley Mission soon? 

There are many things I would like to see Smiley offer… Maybe some nail polish, make-up, shampoo and conditioner, kids toys, learning toys, more arts and crafts and also some electronics!

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