We’re starting something new at Smiley360. Every two weeks we showcase an excellent member for you to read about. Here's Kathryn!

We’re starting something new at Smiley360. Every two weeks we showcase an excellent  member for you to read about. Here’s Kathryn!

Tell us about your family and where you live!

I’m a stay-at-home mom in West Jordan, Utah. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for almost 7 years now, and have a beautiful 7-month old baby girl! Before I had my baby, I was an elementary school teacher for 6 years. This has been quite a change!

What do you like about being a Smiley360 member?

I love being a Smiley360 member because it gives me a chance to try new things, and then to help get the word out about them if it’s something I really love.

What has been your favorite Smiley360 mission so far?
My favorite mission was the Durex mission. So naughty, and so fun! That party was pretty darned memorable!

How do you share your experience when on a Smiley360 mission?
First I always tell my husband what I’m up to. Then I usually chat with my mom and sister. If it’s something I love, I’ll put up a glowing Facebook post. I might even have a party to share the product!

What’s the one gadget you cannot live without?
My new iPad, which I got for Christmas. I didn’t even know I wanted one, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it! I use it to easily check all my email accounts, take surveys, play games (I admit, Angry Birds is pretty fun!), listen to music, Google things on a whim… I even use the Baby Flash Cards app to practice animal sounds with my baby girl, which she thinks is pretty hilarious.

What product do you always have in your grocery store shopping cart?
I’m a vegetarian, so most of my cart is fresh produce every week. Some of my favorite splurges are Tillamook yogurt (which makes me feel a little virtuous and healthy) and Cheetos (which makes me feel pretty naughty and unhealthy!) I also always get Silk soymilk–it makes great protein smoothies!