Featured Member: Stephanie

Every two weeks on our blog we highlight a Smiley360 member for you to read about. Here’s Stephanie!

Tell us about your family and where you live!
I currently live in a small town in the NW. I live in a small house with my husband, adult daughter and her 3 year old grandson.

What do you like about being a Smiley360 member?
I love Smiley360. I have a great time getting products from companies and spreading the word to my friends (psst, it is a great excuse to have friends over!)

What has been your favorite Smiley360 mission so far?
I think my favorite mission that I have participated in recently was the PAM cooking spray. I had a great time rediscovering a product that I had stopped purchasing several years ago. I had forgotten how well it really worked.

How do you share your experience when on a Smiley360 mission?
I spread the word the best that I can. I usually use my social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook) to get the word out to people I do not see regularly and to make sure that everyone has access to the discount coupons when they are available. For those that live close, they get to come over for food, drinks, and a new to me product. For the products that peak my interest, I will publish a post on my blog for my readers. Okay, so I go a little overboard don’t I?! (We love it! – Smiley)

What’s the one gadget you cannot live without?
My smart phone! It is my lifesaver in my pocket.

What product do you always have in your grocery store shopping cart?
A snickers bar. I am not going to leave the store knowing I don’t have my chocolate goody hidden somewhere.

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