Veronica is this month’s featured member! Read about her experience with Smiley360 below. 

Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live!

I live in Arlington, Tx (home to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers) with my husband, 4 year old son and 2 little doggies. I’m a stay at home mom who loves to craft, bake and play games with my son, my husband works in IT for a company in Dallas and helps my family and I with everything technical although sometimes a bit begrudgingly!

How did you discover Smiley360?

I saw some of the postings from a friend’s missions and decided I needed to check out how she was getting this great stuff.

What do you like about being a Smiley member?

I love getting the chance to try new products to see how they can help benefit not only my family, but the families of my friends.

What has been your favorite Smiley360 mission you have ever done and why?

I would have to say Arm & Hammer Baking Soda was my favorite; it came with a book with a ton of ways to use baking soda that I had never even thought about. I use it now to freshen up my carpet without having some over whelming scent from a carpet deodorizer.

How do you share when you’re on a mission?

I like to share in person with friends and family but I’m also big about using social media as it helps me reach out and talk to people I don’t see every day.

Do you think it is important for brands to listen to their customers? Why?

I think it’s extremely important for brands to hear what the customer wants or needs since it could make or break a product. I think a great example of this is New Coke.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Well this might sound weird but I’d want the ability to think about someone alive or dead and know exactly where they are, I watch a lot of true crime shows and see the heartbreak families have when they can’t find their loved ones even when they know all they’re looking for is body so I’d want to bring relief to them.

What brands or products could you not live without?

My husband uses Just for Men Touch of Gray every month, he’s part Irish so his beard grows in lighter than his hair color. I am thankful for Children’s Mucinex, it really helped my son out this cold season and the Greenies Dog Chews help keep my dogs teeth healthy while eliminating some of that dog breath.

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