We can’t believe how fast summer flew by! Time to take out the backpacks, pencils, and first day of school outfits—the kids are going back to school!

The first day of school brings a wide range of emotions for both parents and students, and us parents know that snapping the perfect picture is key! Here are some of our favorite ways to capture the special day.

Favorite Things School Board


Write down all your child(ren)’s favorite things on a board. Use a chalkboard or a whiteboard to individualize your creation! Keep the photos and compare them each year to laugh at all of the different things your child(ren) loved over the years! Check out this easy printable design.

Personalized/Comical Sign


Add some humor to your child(ren)’s first day of school! A simple “Stop Crying Mom (and/or) Dad” sign makes for a cute picture and will have all your friends laughing. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, sobbing with coffee in hand waving goodbye to the school bus. Why not get a laugh out of it?

Today is all about your child(ren), so switch it up and let your child(ren) design the sign with different quotes. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with!

Life-sized Frame


Want to give your child(ren) a prop to hold? How about creating a life sized-frame?! Chalkboard paint is a great way to get multiple uses out of one frame. You can change the grade for each child and get creative. The possibilities are endless! 

School Year Steps


Before you send your kiddos off to the bus stop, round em’ up to take a photo on your front steps! Don’t have any front steps? No problem, get creative! You can take this picture on the stairs inside your house, on the driveway, or even on your front yard.

Want to take the photo on your front steps? Use chalk to write the grade your child(ren) is entering on the steps and place them in order.

Want to take the photo inside on your stairs? Create signs for your child(ren) to hold with the grade they are entering written on them.

Want to take the photo in your driveway? Use chalk to write the grade your child(ren) is entering on the driveway in front of them.

Voila, a memorable picture that includes all your children on their exciting day!

Big Kid Balloon


If you want a different yet fun way to note that it’s your child(ren)’s first day of school, use a balloon! Surprise your big kid as they are getting ready for school by giving them a first day of school balloon. It will for sure put a smile on their face. 

Celebrate with a Banner


This easy and affordable DIY banner idea is the perfect way to get the school year started. You can make a different banner for each of your children by spelling out the grade they’re entering, or you can make one big banner for all of your children to hold together.

We hope these ideas sparked your first day of school imagination! Don’t forget to use bright colors and designs to make the photos pop. Take in the little moments before everyone rushes out of the house to take on the day. You won’t regret having these awesome memories to look back on!

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