Last Thursday, July 24th, we conducted the second Advisory Board Call. Joining the Smiley team were some of our top members and bloggers. Not familiar with the Advisory Board? Check out this blog post detailing our first call in May.

In the latest meeting, we discussed the mission process – from applying and qualifying to sharing and completing a mission. From there we moved on to natural/organic foods and products, and ended with a sneak peek at the brand new Smiley360 website!

1. Time Is Of The Essence

The feedback for the mission process was mostly positive – you all seem to enjoy yourcalendar-152139_640
missions! Everyone agreed that our missions were the perfect length. Ten weeks is just the right amount of time to really test a product and form an opinion. As one of our members said, it takes longer than a few weeks to notice any intended effects from a product like a vitamin supplement. How long would you like missions to last?

2. We Want To Know Now!

The biggest complaint had to do with missions that are application style. Not being near a computer to accept a mission once you’ve qualified is a big problem for our members, especially if spots are limited. Every member of the board preferred to instantly qualify for a mission.

“It’s better to know right away if you’re in or out.”

We hear you! Let us know in the comments, what do you think of the mission process as a whole?

3. Share And Share Alike

Most of you found the sharing tools fairly easy to use but one board member brought up something that we hadn’t even thought about(!) – why aren’t we able to connect Facebook fan pages? Many of you use these for blogs and product reviews and, in most cases, have more fans and followers than your personal accounts. Would you like to connect more than one social media account to your Smiley profile? Let us know in the comments! 

4. Organic = ExpePrintnsive But Worth It

As expected, when it comes to food and household items, our board members prefer to go natural and organic. The biggest drawback is that these items are more expensive. While some of the board members were more strict with their purchases than others, the general consensus seemed to be that being able to test them before making a purchase decision is a huge plus (score one for Smiley!)

We asked the board members about some of their favorite natural and organic brands and, among others, Ginny Bakes, Naked Juice, Kind Bars, Seventh Generation and Beauty Without Cruelty were mentioned as brands they’d like to see part of a Smiley mission. What natural and organic brands would you like to test out? Let us know in the comments!

5. Read The Labels!

When organic products are not available it’s important to know how to read food/ingredient labels so you know what you’re exposing yourself to. Many of the board members found that by reading labels they have been able to cut harmful ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup, out of their diets.

Bonus: New Website!

Coming soon sign

We ended the call with a short demonstration of the new Smiley360 website. We can’t tell you much about it, except that we’re launching very soon! We’ll leave you with fellow Smiley members’ reactions and let the anticipation build.

“A lot easier”

“I didn’t think it was hard before but this is much easier!”

“Very clean”

“More modern”

Until next time!

Have anything to add to the conversation? How do you feel about the mission process? Where do you stand on natural/organic products? Are you excited for the new site? Add to the discussion in the comments below.