School’s out and summer is in! With three months of vacation, you don’t want to exhaust all your planned summer activities in the first couple of weeks. So, the Smiley360 team brainstormed some ways you and your kids can create summer ’19 memories you’ll keep forever!

P.S. Smiley360 Members, this will be an ongoing series! We couldn’t just come up with one list of things to do, so we are expanding! Expect a new list of fun summer activities every week!

Visit your local library

  • Many public libraries all across the country host free events like arts & crafts, storytelling, or just provide a comfortable, safe and air-conditioned place to escape the summer heat!

Nature walks

  • Whether you walk around your block or take a walk through the woods, being outside and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to learn about the environment and get some exercise.

Scavenger hunt

    • Hide items in your house or around your neighborhood for your kids to go and search for. Whoever finds more on the list wins. You can even get other kids in your neighborhood involved!

Lemonade stand

  • What better way to spend a summer day than having a lemonade stand! All you need are some cups, a big pitcher of ice cold lemonade, and a good attitude. The money you make could be used for another lemonade stand or your next summer adventure!

Water balloon fight

  • For a creative way to cool off in the summer heat, have a water balloon fight! Parents and kids alike will have a blast dividing into teams and seeing who wins.

Homemade ice cream

  • Ice cream is more enjoyable, especially when you make it yourself! Make as many flavors as you want, try new flavors, or host an ice cream sundae party!

Paint rocks

  • Enjoy flexing your creative mind? Paint rocks and decorate your front lawn with your beautiful creations!

Go fishing

  • Grab your fishing gear and head to your local lake, river, or pond! See what fish or other little critters you catch. After fishing, you can make a delicious fish dinner with your fresh catch!


  • Print out a map of the constellations, grab a blanket, and set it up in your backyard or favorite park! See if you can spot any constellations while you’re gazing at the stars!

Garage sale

  • As summer rolls around, most of the clutter you get rid of during spring cleaning is probably back. A great way to clear out clutter is to host a garage sale! Clean out your house, make some extra cash, and create great memories!


Have other fun summer plans with your kids? We’d love to know! Share your adventurous summer activities with us! Use the #freesummerfun & #smileymember when you post!!!!