Happy summer, Smiley360 Members! Part two of our fun summer activities list is finally here! Make sure to stay tuned for Part 3 next week!

P.S. Smiley Members, this will be an ongoing series! We couldn’t just come up with one list of things to do, so we are expanding! Expect a new list of fun summer activities every week!

Volunteer in your community

  • Over the summertime, many neighborhoods host community events like beach/park cleanups, repainting public buildings, or helping those who are in need! Check out your local community boards to see what’s up in the neighborhood!


  • Many local lanes will host days with free lessons for your kids to learn how to bowl like pros!

Try new or international foods

  • Summertime is all about exploring and being adventurous! Look up interesting exotic foods you and your family can cook together! You might find a new family-favorite dish!

Movies in the park

  • With warm summer nights officially here, many parks will host movie nights! So grab a blanket, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the film!

Explore historical sites

  • Even if your kids aren’t in school, that doesn’t mean they can’t stop learning! Search for historical sites you and your family can visit! Print up a page with some facts about the site and get exploring!


  • Parks are always a great idea in the summertime. Many now have water features for those scorching hot summer days! So head to your local park and enjoy the sunshine!


  • Want to be apart of a city-wide treasure hunt?! Geocaching is a fun and alternative way to get outside and stay in shape this summer! Learn more about Geocaching and how you can get involved.

Create a summer yearbook/scrapbook

  • With all the great memories you and your kids are creating this summer, you need a place to see all of your great pics! Create a summer yearbook/scrapbook full of pictures and decorations about your memorable summer!

Farmers market

  • Head over to your local farmers market! It’s a great place to see what local businesses/farmers are offering and a great place for your kids to learn about clean and healthy eating.

Make a fort

  • Whether it’s inside or outside, a fort is always fun! See how complex or big you can make it. You can even try adding different rooms to make your fort the coolest on the block!

Have a backyard picnic

  • Set out a picnic blanket and cook up your favorite foods! Enjoy the sunshine and each other!


Have other fun summer plans with your kids? We’d love to know! Share your adventurous summer activities with us! Use the #freesummerfun & #smileymember when you post!!!!