Happy summer, Smiley360 Members! Part three of our fun summer activities list is finally here! Make sure to stay tuned for part four next week!

P.S. Smiley Members, this will be an ongoing series! We couldn’t just come up with one list of things to do, so we’re expanding! Expect a new list of fun summer activities every week!

Visit the zoo or aquarium

  • Learning doesn’t just have to be limited to the classroom! Zoos and aquariums offer classes and seminars on the animals they house!

Plant a garden

  • Summer is a time for growth, and your garden will do just that! Whether it’s your favorite veggies and herbs or flowers, gardens are a great way to show your kids how things grow!

Host a painting party

  • To bring out the inner artist in you, host a painting party! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors over for a day of creative expression!

Go to a museum

  • Many museums have days each month reserved for free admission. Check the availability online and get exploring!

Visit your local fire station

  • Have you ever visited a real firehouse?! Local firefighters around the country enjoy showing kids and families proper fire safety procedures in a fun and interactive environment! Make sure you contact your local fire station before visiting!

Use chalk on your sidewalk

  • If you have some chalk and a driveway or sidewalk, you have unlimited potential for all-day fun! Play tic-tac-toe or draw out a four-square court! The fun is endless when you’re using chalk!

Go backyard camping

  • If you want to go camping, but don’t have the time, camp in your backyard! Experience what the great outdoors has to offer, with the added convenience of being close to home! All you need are a couple of sleeping bags, flashlights, and scary ghost stories to have the perfect campout!

Have a game night

  • Whether it’s Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Go-Fish, game night is always a good idea! Don’t limit the fun to just one night! Whoever wins the game could choose the next!

Go to a Home Depot kids workshop

  • Before planting the perfect garden or building the most epic treehouse, it’s always a good idea to get some info from the experts! Go to your local Home Depot where they host free kids workshops! Customize your own Home Depot apron and get to work!

Play in the sprinklers

  • What better way too cool off in the summer heat than playing in the sprinklers! Grab your suit and head out to the yard for a cool way to spend a summer day!

Make popsicles

  • Whether fruit or ice cream, all popsicles are a good idea! Mix your favorite fruit juice with some fruit or add in your favorite ice cream, set to chill, then enjoy your homemade treat!


Have other fun summer plans with your kids? We’d love to know! Share your adventurous summer activities with us! Use the #freesummerfun & #smileymember when you post!!!!