School’s out and summer is in! With three months of vacation, you don’t want to exhaust all your planned summer activities in the first couple of weeks. So, the Smiley360 team brainstormed some ways you and your kids can create summer ’19 memories you’ll keep forever!

P.S. Smiley360 Members, this is the last list of the series! Thanks for joining along and we hope you have a fantastic & adventurous summer!

Make popsicles

  • Whether fruit or ice cream, all popsicles are a good idea! Mix your favorite fruit juice with some fruit or add in your favorite ice cream, set to chill, then enjoy your homemade treat!

Start a collection (stamps, coins, shells)

  • Or if you have an exiting collection, add to it! See how big it can grow in just one summer!

Attend YMCA camp

  • Swimming, hiking, or basketball, YMCA camps offer fun for the whole family!

Conduct a science experiment

Learn a new language

  • Bonjour, Hola, Ciao! Learn a new language with the entire family! Immerse yourself by trying the food, watching movies, and learning about the country or countries where people speak the language!

Attend a concert in the park

  • Whether it’s old school rock or smooth jazz, free concerts are always fun! Check out your local community listings for dates and locations for free summer concerts!

Go to the beach

  • What better way to spend a summer day than at the beach? Pack up some of your favorite summer meals and drinks and head to your favorite beach. Make sure you don’t forget sunscreen and an umbrella!

Go to IKEA 

  • It doesn’t matter if you are doing improvements to your home or just want an air-conditioned place to chill out, IKEA has it all! On top of their free child care, kids eat free every Tuesday from 11 AM-Close!

Tie-dye t-shirts

  • Make them your own or create matching shirts! Tie-Dying is loads of fun, but make sure you wear gloves when you’re dying your shirts to avoid staining your hands!

Go bird watching

Try out a new sport

  • Have you ever wanted to try a new sport, but didn’t have the time! Try something new! Whether it’s frisbee golf, pickleball, or BMX, don’t be afraid to get adventurous!

Create a family cookbook

  • Put together your favorite recipes from spaghetti to steak! Add pictures and lists of ingredients to each page so you can refer back to them. P.S. Don’t forget to decorate the cover of your book!

Host a neighborhood movie night

  • Invite your neighbors over for a movie night! Choose your favorite film and pop up some popcorn for an unforgettable night of laughs and smiles!

Look for four-leaf clovers

  • Are you lucky enough to find four-leaf clovers? Check in your yard or at your local park for four-leaf clovers and see how many you can find!


Have other fun summer plans with your kids? We’d love to know! Share your adventurous summer activities with us! Use the #freesummerfun & #smileymember when you post!!!!