So, you help both brands and your fellow consumers by educating them about the goodies in your Smiley Kits, but how can we help you?

Here at Smiley360, we love Facebook. It’s the godfather of social media, and one of the main platforms we use everyday. While it’s known for being a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, Facebook is also important to your Smiley360 Missions.

Through the Facebook Sharing Tool, you’re able to share the valuable opinions, creative photos, and exciting videos you craft on your Missions.

As a Smiley member, you’re the go-to person for the  latest scoop on great products. Your social networks, friends, families, and brands all want to hear what you have to say–that’s why we choose you to participate in our Missions.

So, you help both brands and your fellow consumers by educating them about the goodies in your Smiley Kits, but how can we help you?

To help you share creative, top-quality Facebook posts on your Missions, we’ve made this handy guide to Facebook sharing!

Let’s start by taking a look at a Facebook post that could use some help:

“Got new vitamins!”

If you saw a friend post this on their Facebook page, what would you think?

Your first thought might be, “What is this a picture of?!” Your next thought, “What brand of vitamins is this?!” Finally, in your last wave of confusion, “Why is Betty posting this random picture of a vitamin bottle?”

Now, let’s take a look at an example of a high-quality post from the same Mission:

Photo credit: Michelle T.

“#ad Yay! I’ve just received this free bottle of vitafusion #EverydayEnergy from Smiley360. I’ve been loving these gummy vitamins–they’re like a special, sweet, peachy treat that are also good for me! These taste just like the peach iced tea I used to drink as a child. I’ve even been noticing more energy throughout the day! Thanks so much Smiley360 and vitafusion for giving me the opportunity to try out this new product! Here’s a $2 coupon incase you want to try them too:

What a great example! Why do we love it?

  1. Lighting is everything! Michelle’s photo has plenty of light on both her and the product, meaning the image is perfectly clear and everyone is looking their best!
  2. It’s a selfie! If no one is around to snap a photo of you with your new product, just default to selfie. We just want to see you and your beautiful smile!
  3. It features the product we sent you! We want to see you with your Smiley Kit and any freebies that may be inside. What’s even better? Show us how you’re using what we’ve sent, so that we know you’re enjoying your Mission!
  4. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has a hefty wordcount limit of thousands of characters, meaning you don’t have to limit how much you write. Along with your photos or video, let’s hear everything you have to say about your experience! Just remember to mention that you received a product for free, include the Mission hashtag, and a link to the Mission page so that your friends can see what it’s all about!
  5. Ready to go pro? Here are some helpful tips to snap professional-quality Facebook photos using your handheld phone!

At Smiley, we love getting to know our members, and the best way for us to do that is through your sharing. We know that a personal touch makes for a better community, which is why we look at each one of your posts on every Mission!

So by sharing fun Facebook photos of yourself, your friends, and your family using the Mission product, you’re not only making more creative posts, but you’re helping the Smiley360 Community as a whole!

Remember, before you can start sharing and qualifying for new Missions, be sure to connect your social accounts to your Smiley profile.

We can’t wait to see what great posts you’ll share next! For more ideas about what to post on your Missions, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.