Have Your Say: How Do You Make An Impact On Your Missions?

On a Mission, the Smiley Sharing Tools let you spread the word about the product you received. Which tool is most meaningful to you?


Is it Retail Reviews, because you’re sharing your experience with curious consumers? Or maybe it’s Face2Face, because nothing’s better than an in-person conversation? Or is it the photo tools, because a picture says more than words ever could?

Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter, which tool is your favorite for making your voice heard and making an impact! We’ll pick some of your answers and feature them in an upcoming blog post!

31 thoughts on “Have Your Say: How Do You Make An Impact On Your Missions?

  1. I definitely love sharing via facebook and pinterest with my opinions and pictures of the product i am trying out for free. It’s a lot of fun I never get tired of it.

  2. My favorite is Facebook and Twitter and the face2face the rest was a little to challenging for me especially Pinterest and the review

  3. Facebook and Twitter are my favorite sharing tools right now because I had tech issues with posting on Pinterest and Instagram.

  4. I post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Mostly all of my family, friends, and associates use these platforms.

  5. My favorite sharing tool is Photo to Facebook. I have followers on Twitter & Pinterest, but the people I connect with on Facebook are those I have met and know IRL (in real life). I also like that Photo to Facebook lets me show what’s going on with my mission and I’m not limited to 140 characters to describe the picture and my experience with the product.

  6. Are you using a main server computer or Mobile unit?? I have problems on my tablet ,they say u can’t do it off of there but I got it to work once…? No idea how tho..

  7. I like face2face that way they can see how my reaction is to the product ive learned about. But i also use facebook daily

  8. I love Twitter and I share constantly every day. I can’t wait to tweet out product reviews and advice. My friends/followers are beautiful people who always try to help and encourage one another!

  9. I share about all of my missions. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, face to face, Smiley Connect & leave reviews on product websites. Even if it’s something that I didn’t really care for or would never actually buy. Life’s too short. Share your feelings, good & bad, but most important, be completely honest. Not everything is perfect & everyone has their own opinion. You don’t have to like it, just share it!!!

  10. It took me awhile too. I’m still only know the basics, but that’s all you really need to know to share your comments about a product or mission.

  11. I like face to face best too. My husband says that’s because I’m Italian & just don’t know how or when to “shut up” The nerve of him, right!!! JK

  12. I love sharing my views in a personal way with friends and family and on retail sites because that can have a big impact. I know that I personally check retail site reviews before buying a product I haven’t used before and it can influence my purchase.

  13. Next to Twitter, I love to use photos. Something exciting about seeing and believing! Makes the product and the reviewers seem more real, don’t you think?!

  14. Every time they say I have a new mission then I take the survey then they say I didn’t match frustrated already I give up iam totally done they say don’t give up its to much already

  15. I prefer to tell people such as family and friends about a product I like face to face. that way if they have questions I can answer them.they can also see the results of products whether it be physical, or at home. I’ve been out walking my dogs and i recently was stopped because the gentleman was impressed with how nice and healthy my dogs look. I glean a great sense of pride from that. or I’ll run into someone and they will mention seeing something I made in my kids home. of course any cool gift my grandkids get are “shared” with other kids. point of fact I just wrote 2 long letters, on to my wireless provider and one to a pet product company, i was unhappy with both and I got results and I think that came from impressing on them how easy it is to change people’s minds based on good or bad results. alot of extended family are with my provider because it started with me, then added my kids, they went off and added spouses. also added mom, sister in law. just keeps going. I always feel a good word goes a long way but a bad word goes even further.

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