Juggling between your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts can lead to a serious social media overload. Browsing and updating so many networks at once can be really time consuming, which is great if you’re a procrastinator like me. But if you want to consolidate all of your networks into one easy-to-use interface, you should give TweetDeck at try.

The TweetDeck application displays feeds from multiple platforms into a single screen. In other words, imagine your Twitter homepage and your Facebook news feed side by side amongst any other networks you’d like to include. The application separates each feed into columns that you can add and remove. Primarily used for Twitter, it also includes columns for trending topics, mentions, and recommended users to follow.

One of the highlights of TweetDeck is it allows you to select which networks you want your updates to be added to. For instance, you can post links to both your Twitter and Facebook profiles without having to visit each site separately. Each time you update, you’re given the option to decide where the post is going, whether it’s on one network or five.

Currently, TweetDeck is available for desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Unfortunately for BlackBerry users (me included), we’ll have to stick to our desktops and separate mobile apps for now.