Do you want to be featured on our Instagram? Of course you do! Have you noticed all the great re-grams we’ve been posting lately? That’s because our Instagram is all about YOU. Want tips on how to be featured? Read on!

Show Yourself!

We want to see you! While shots of just your product can be great, what we really love is seeing people enjoying their Missions! Put your selfie skills to use and show us how much you’re loving your latest Mission.

Feature Your Product Prominently


Who else is excited for their @vitafusion beauty Mission? #vitafusionbeauty makes you beautiful from within! #Smiley360


A photo posted by Smiley360 (@mysmiley360) on

We want to see you enjoying your product! So make sure we can see it.

Use An App To Make A Collage

Have too many great photos to share? Make a collage! This helps you to be creative and share a bunch of awesome photos at once. It’s also helpful when you are on a Mission and you want to share what a difference the product has made with before and after shots.

Apps like Pic Stitch (iPhone/Android) or Layout (iPhone/Android)  make this so easy — give it a try! Before you know it, you could be seeing your collage on our Instagram.

Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

Who else is this happy that it’s Friday?! #repost @mrs_molly_c #smiley360 #friyay A photo posted by Smiley360 (@mysmiley360) on

Lighting is so important! If it’s off, the whole photo is off. So make sure your photo looks just as good as your subject does in real life.

Get Creative!

Being creative makes you stand out! Don’t be afraid to be different — you have a better chance of being reposted that way!

Tag Us!

We can only see you if you tag us! So don’t forget the most important part of your gram — tagging @MySmiley360!

The brand wants to see you too! It’s important to tag the brand’s Instagram in your posts too. The more visible your post, the more likely you are to be featured.

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags get you seen! Using #Smiley360 in your posts get you a much better shot at a re-gram. Also, it’s important to remember to use your Mission hashtag as well — you can find it on the Mission page.

Have you been re-grammed by us yet?