The internet has revolutionized the way we do many different things, one of those things happens to be dating. In the past, if you wanted to go on a date, you had to do it the hard way. You saw that person you had a crush on or thought was cute, so you had to muscle up the courage to go up and talk to them, and eventually ask them out. With that came the risk of denial, which was almost as painful as asking them out in the first place. In other cultures and societies, you didn’t have to do anything, the parents merely made the decision for you, no choice who you married. Now today, you have a slew of options, online options that is.

You may have seen commercials for sites like or EHarmony. These sites are about the nitty gritty and putting a science behind your dating life. Scientists supposedly work hard to make sure you have the perfect match through your online experience. Does it really need to be that complicated? Doesn’t that take the fun out of the game? I get it, some people are just so wrapped up in their work lives they have no time to go out pursue a date, or maybe they’re just too shy to do it on their own. The internet makes it a whole lot easier. You simply go on and create your profile, right? You add a few photos, a bit of information and you’re good to go? Apparently not, you can hire professional services, like my friend the EFlirtExpert to help you create the perfect profile.  A lot of people need help from their headline and photos to profile information. If you want to the perfect match, you need to create the perfect profile.

Not all dating sites are the same. HowAboutWe focuses on the date itself. A user creates a date saying How About We…, then you propose a date. When someone is interested, they have the option of writing back (granted they pay for the site) or intriguing the date. Of course looks will most likely be a deciding factor in the decision of the date. Looks usually trump everything, physical attraction is always a huge player.

I actually had a chance to go on a HowAboutWe date last week. My proposed date was going to a Haunted House, which turned out to be quite brilliant. Within minutes of meeting me she was holding my hand and grabbing onto me the entire time. So, it takes some thought and things can play in your favor. The rest of the night went well and we have a second date scheduled.  Online dating isn’t for everyone, but you shouldn’t be afraid to try it out.

How do you feel about online dating websites?