I apologize to those of you who are reading this who are already Twitter members, but the statistics say that most of you aren’t.  Many people I have talked to about Twitter who are not members say they haven’t joined because they “don’t want to hear about someone’s day-to-day life.”  To those people, I say two things.  First, I ask them if they are on Facebook.  Most say yes.  So I can’t help but laugh because Facebook is all about what’s going on in your friend’s lives.  Not that it’s a bad thing; in fact it’s extremely interesting to know what everyone is up to.

Second, I go on to tell them how addicted I am to Twitter although I was once pessimistic about joining.  I let them know that I rarely look at news websites anymore because I get all of my news directly from my Twitter stream, and I’m usually the first of my peers to know about important events.  It has also put me in touch with people I otherwise never would have been able to.  It all depends on who you follow.  Check out the site http://www.wefollow.com to help you find some interesting people and news sources, and I guarantee you will be loving Twitter in a couple of weeks.

After you join, OR if you are already on Twitter, follow @mysmilely and send us an @ reply.  I will give 5 Smile points to whoever does this.  See, Twitter is already proving to be beneficial!