Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, or something going around school, a sick child is something that parents always have to deal with. Children are social and they can easily pick up or pass their illnesses onto each other. Their immune systems are not as developed as the ones of adults, so they are more susceptible to illnesses. There are many different ways to comfort your child when he or she is sick, whether it’s watching their favorite movie, cuddling with their favorite stuffed animal or just resting with that special blanket in your arms.

When it’s that first cough or sneeze, you instantly find yourself on alert, thinking of the worst. An overwhelming majority of children get better on their own or with help from medication. Having an idea of what medication you need to have in the house and knowing when to call the doctor are important for all parents or caregivers.

Here are some suggestions when your child is feeling under the weather:

 •If they are up for it, you can do a puzzle, play a board game, read their favorite book in bed, play their favorite music or watch their favorite movie – all these things help cure boredom when they are home sick

•Jell-O, chicken noodle soup and broth can bring comfort

•Coughing, sneezing and running nose children should stay home from school or day care – no sense spreading the germs which could come back around

•Get your child used to washing his/her hands often

•Make sure to use clean, cool sheets every day on your child’s bed so you wash away any lingering germs

•Loose fitting, cotton clothes can also help your child feel more comfortable when they’re sick in bed

•It is important to make sure they get plenty of rest and that you keep them hydrated

•Call you doctor for any questions you may have on how to care for your child, what medications are safe and which ones have been recalled, and often times they can tell you what types of illnesses are going around

It’s so important to remember, just caring for your child, letting them know you’re there for them and using soothing words can go a long way.  Lastly, a sick child is a needy child, so give them all the love and attention you can give them.

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