Ever wonder how to make the most out of your kid’s spring break WITHOUT breaking the bank?

Here at Smiley360, we take fun and frugal living very seriously! We know that you don’t want to spend a fortune to have a good time on spring break — that’s why we’ve put together some ideas for you!

Go The Less Common Route

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If you are thinking about travelling and want to save your hard earned cash, avoid the typical spring break destinations like major theme parks and faraway beaches. Consider fun alternate destinations instead. Visit a big city, like Washington, D.C., Chicago, or San Francisco where there are great museums, sites, parks and neighborhoods for families to explore.

Check out deal sites like Groupon or Living Social for the city you are visiting. You can also go the old-fashioned route and pick up brochures at the airport or hotel to find discounts on nearby attractions. You can often find half price tickets for hop on hop off bus tours which will offer you the opportunity to see a city at your own pace.

Book a Hotel With Breakfast Included

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Looking for a great way to save some precious cash? Find a hotel that includes complimentary breakfast or microwaves and fridges in the room. Eat a hearty breakfast, pack a piece of fruit from the buffet for later and you can save a fortune on food!  You can also forgo the traditional hotel motel route entirely and book a stay in someone’s home or apartment through sites like Airbnb.

Get in Touch with Nature

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If urban destinations don’t suit your family’s taste, spring break could be the time to visit national or state parks, before the real vacation season begins and they are flooded with crowds. The Grand Canyon is just as thrilling in April as it is in August. But the crowds are not nearly the same!

Go on a Cruise!

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Family cruises are always fun and more economical than flying when you are paying for tickets for the whole family! Check out Disney Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean for great deals. Like them on Facebook and join their mailing lists to get offered their best friends and family deals. Make sure to check out cruises that leave from ports within driving distance of your home. Many cruise lines offer affordable and family-friendly ships complete with arcades, waterslides and kids camps!

Fly Frugally

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If you choose to fly, be sure to check out sites like Kayak that can help you obtain the best price for your flights. You can also set up a price alert so you are notified when the price fluctuates. Pay attention to start and end dates when booking; sometimes going a day earlier or a day later can make a big difference in the cost of airline tickets!

Road Trip!

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With the cost of gas nearing record lows, now is the time to discover the state in which you live!

“One tank trips” combine the best of travelling with the comfort of returning home at the end of the day. Take a day trip with the family to somewhere in your state. Even if it isn’t a tropical vacation, sometimes just getting out of the city you live in and discovering other parts of your state with your family is the best thing to do.

Road trips are always great bonding experiences, despite the Chevy Chase movies we’ve all seen! You can even turn the road trip into the entire vacation and traverse Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or Maine Route 1. Sometimes just driving to the end of a familiar road and finding a new place to eat or visit can make a memory!

Remember To Take It Easy

At the end of the day, remember that spring break is meant to be fun and relaxing. Do what you can to make it memorable. Spring is a gift we share with our children. Enjoy it!

What are your tips for spring break on a budget? Tell us in the comments!