The art of a great selfie is not a hard one. Ever wondered how some people just look flawless every time they open their front camera? We’ll teach you how to have people envying you, and taking selfies like a pro.

Flattering Lighting

Make sure you’re somewhere with good lighting! Nothing is worse than a dim or hard to see selfie.

Work Your Angles

No one looks good super up close or from below. Make sure you get your most flattering look by taking a photo from slightly above — trust us, it will make all the difference!

Have A Clear Camera

Make sure your camera is clean. You should wipe it off first before you stop snapping! It’s important to get the clearest image possible so everyone can see your beautiful face!

 Choose The Best Filter

Filters aren’t just for Instagram anymore; now so many apps let you put a gorgeous filter on your images. Pick one that doesnt wash you out, but also isn’t so dark that you can’t see your face. That would defeat the purpose of picking such good lighting!

Give Your Product It’s Close Up

If you’re taking a selfie for a Mission, make sure to get the product in by holding it, or even doing something silly! We want to see your face and how much you’ve enjoyed your Mission.


What are your selfie taking tips? Share a selfie with us in the comments!