Taking good photos is an art form. It’s all about lighting and angles and the quality of your camera. However, you don’t exactly have to be Annie Leibovitz to take a great photo of your Smiley Kit. We’ve put together some ideas for you on how to get sharing pics like a pro.

Pick a Spot with Good Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference whether you have an hour or just a few minutes to snap your photo. Make sure you are somewhere well lit to prevent your shots from coming out grainy or too dark.

From member: @h_mcm
From member: @h_mcm

Put Your Product on a Plain Background

Don’t put your product on a loud sheet or tablecloth. To get really great quality images, you should put the product on a white sheet or bare counter. That way, there is nothing to distract the eye from your great Smiley Kit!

From member: @NotYerAvgChick
From member: @NotYerAvgChick

Clean Your Lens!

It may seem like a no brainer, but it makes a big difference! A smudged camera lens can lead to blurry photos. Always make sure it’s clean before you start snapping!

Please don’t take a photo like this one we took of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands with the product on the lens!

Focus on Your Subject

You want your Smiley product to be front and center. So make sure that it is literally in the center of your picture! By centering the focus object, you bring the viewer’s eye right where it should be – on the product you received in your Smiley Kit!

From member: @naturalbabydol1
From member: @naturalbabydol1

Don’t Take it From Too Far Away, But Don’t Zoom Either

Try to avoid extremes: taking your picture from too far away or way too close. You want a happy medium so that whoever is looking at your photo isn’t overwhelmed one way or another.

Our example to show that too much zoom can be a bad thing.

Use Cool Photo Editing Apps For Effects and Collages

Thanks to our new Instagram Sharing Tool, you can get points straight from Instagram! But the cool photo editing doesn’t have to stop there. There are plenty of apps that will give you desired effects, such as Pixtr or VSCO Cam.

Smiley Tip: for making multiple photos into one image (like a before and after shot, for example) you can use an app like PicStitch or PicMonkey, which let you make a cute collage of multiple pictures.

From member: @sesposito10
From member: @sesposito10

Don’t Use Flash

Flash is really only needed when taking photos outside at night! Leave it behind if you are taking photos indoors. Go instead for natural lighting.

Our photo to demonstrate how flash is unnecessary with enough indoor light.

Go ahead, get snappy!

Tell us – what do you like to do when you take photos of your Smiley Missions?