A Twitter Party is a fun and perfect time to learn more about a brand, get to know your fellow Smiley360 members, and win great prizes! Twitter parties can move fast, and it can be difficult to keep up. Fortunately, there is a solution to make it easier and even more enjoyable: Tweetchat!

What is Tweetchat?

Tweetchat is a service that allows you to follow a hashtag and see all of the tweets that include the hashtag. This allows you to see all the party tweets on one screen, making interacting a lot simpler!

How to Use Tweetchat

The first step to using Tweetchat is logging in to the website using your Twitter account. You must approve that the service can have access to your Twitter account, but they will not post anything on your behalf. Once you are logged in, you can find the room using the hashtag for our Twitter Party. We usually have a direct link to the room, so look out for it on our blog and tweets!

Features and Recommendations

Tweetchat has many cool features that help make Twitter Parties so much easier! You are able to tweet without even leaving the Tweetchat page, and it even tells you how many characters you have left while already including the hashtag.

Below the tweet box, you’ll see several buttons. We recommend using the Pause button when tweets are coming in really quickly and you want to read them all. Hit the Pause button to stop new tweets from showing, and hit start when you’re ready to see new tweets!

Next to the Pause button is the Highlight button. This allows you to highlight tweets from certain users of your choice. We recommend highlighting tweets from @Smiley360 so you can see new questions, but you may also want to highlight your friends tweets or any Twitter users that you find interesting.

On the other hand, there is the Block button. This allows you to block tweets from any users that you do not want to see. Some people tend to spam the party with irrelevant tweets, so you may want to block these users.

We recommend hitting the button that says Retweets with an eye next to it. This takes away all of the tweets that are retweeted from others from your feed, so you will only be seeing original content.

The final button we recommend using is the Share Room button. Click this to tweet out a message to your followers to join you in the Tweetchat room!

Pro Tip

One last recommendation is to refresh the page every 10 minutes. Sometimes tweets stop showing up, so you want to make sure you are seeing everything people at the party are saying.

You may see this message after refreshing. Sometimes this shows up even though people are using the hashtag. All you have to do is wait about 30 seconds and the message will disappear and new tweets will start showing again!

Enjoy Tweetchat and see you at our next Twitter Party!

Got questions? We have answers! Leave yours in the comments below.