Do you ever wonder why we can send free products to members of Smiley360?

Smiley360 is all about sharing and giving feedback on the products you receive for free. Big-name brands give us their products to send to our members because they’d really like to know what you think.

That’s why, in the Smiley360 community, the best sharers get first access to new missions—we want to send the best quality comments back to the brand.

Do you want first access to new missions? Write insightful, detailed and well-thought-out reviews. A good sharer goes beyond simply sharing a link, or saying “thanks for my free sample.” The best comments are from members who give detailed feedback on the free product they received.

And no, you don’t always have to say how amazing the product is. It’s important that you be genuine and honest in the opinions you share. What you say is completely up to you and we will never tell you what to say.

Food for Thought

Do you ever get stumped on what to write? When you’re sharing your feedback, ask yourself these questions:

• How did you use the product?
• What benefit did the product bring to you?
• How did the product make you feel?
• Did you share the product with other people? What did they think of it?
• Do you have a cool story to tell about how you used this product?
• If you haven’t yet used this product, in what situation will you get to use it in the future?
• Do you like the packaging of the product?
• Have you seen any advertising commercial for this product? What did you think of it?
• How would you suggest improving this product?
• Can you share any pictures of yourself using the product?
• Do you disagree with other people’s opinions on this product? Why?

Try it now! Find your favorite brand on Smiley360 Connect, write a review, and share it with us. We’d love to hear what you have to say.