It’s almost August and we all know what that means – summer is officially coming to an end, but we still have some time to enjoy the long, warm days before the kids head back to school. Keep the summer gear and mentality alive for a few more weeks before we pack it away… it’s not too late to celebrate summer just yet!

–       Get wet! Go to the beach/lake, throw a pool party in the backyard or at the community pool, have a water balloon fight at the park or even just run through the sprinklers in the front yard.  It’s still hot enough to get wet!

–       Go camping. Get away for a weekend in the woods, mountains, camping grounds, etc for some time with good ol’ Mother Nature.  Or even if you can’t get away, just set up camp in the backyard.  Bring out the tents and sleeping bags – and let your imagination run wild.

–       Spend the day at the amusement park/fair. Roller coasters, cotton candy, funnel cakes, games… what isn’t there to love?  This is a great place for family fun.

–       Have a picnic/bbq in the park. Who are we kidding?  Any occasion is the perfect occasion to gather the gang up and have picnic or bbq in the park.  Grill some burgers and hot dogs, throw a Frisbee or just sit back and relax while chatting with some of your favorite people.

–       Go to the zoo. This activity is educational and fun.  Walk around and look at the animals, but don’t forget to read the plaques and signs with all the information and fun facts about each animal or habitat.

What are we missing on our list? What’s your favorite end of the summer activity?  Or better yet, what’s on your end of the summer wish list?