Keep bored kids busy this summer with these three delicious desserts!

The kids are home for summer and whenever I hear “I am bored”, I send them into the kitchen if I have exhausted all other possibilities. Grab a cookbook and let’s get cooking! Fortunately my children like to cook so this is not a chore for any of the parties (clean up can be a challenge for mom though.) I searched through the archives of my blog, Close to Home, and chose 3 easy dessert recipes to make with the children this summer. I hope you will bring the kids out of boredom while teaching them an important lesson of cooking and cleaning up after themselves!

The first recipe starts with a brownie mix. When my kids first started cooking, I found that starting with a box mix reduced the stress for everyone involved. Once they are comfortable with a mix, then they can move onto baking totally from scratch. In all honesty, I have found some baking mixes are as good if not better than when I make brownie recipes from scratch!

brownies pretzdel

You can find the recipe here.

The second recipe I chose does not involve the oven so kids can really help out from start to finish. Chocolate oat bars are another great starter recipe for kids and who doesn’t love the chocolate and peanut butter. The kids get a chance to practice math by measuring the ingredients and using the microwave for melting butter and chocolate. Don’t you like it how I added some learning in this summer activity? Cut these bars small as they are rich!


You can find the recipe here.

The third great summer recipe to make with your kids is this short cut ice cream cake recipe. Unlike traditional ice cream cakes that you have to let the ice cream cool and freeze for hours, this one uses ice cream sandwiches so the children can just layer on the goodness. This summertime recipe is one of my favorites and great for larger gatherings as  a little slice goes a long way!  Not only can the kids help make this recipe from start to finish but you can make it ahead of any summertime party.

ice cream cake

You can find the recipe here.

What recipes do you like to make with your children?

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