March Madness!

Tradition, as defined in the dictionary, is “a continuing pattern of cultural practices.” The annual NCAA college basketball tournament is an American tradition that has been around since the late 1930s. Held in March, hence the nickname, “March Madness,” it has become a staple amongst the annual sporting events held in the US. And not to mention, it’s one of the most competitive.

In a nutshell, the tournament consists of 68 Division I college/university teams; each eliminating the other in different rounds until only one school is left and dubbed the “champion.” The term “March Madness” stems from both the month in which the tournament takes place in, as well as the “madness” surrounding the simultaneous games aired on TV. What is truly outstanding about this is the fact that school and team pride is at a high point this time of year. I personally attended a Division I university whose basketball team has a great reputation for actively participating in the NCAA tournament. What I found to be great about March Madness, as a student, is that it brings the student body, professors and families together.

To our Smiley360 community, I’m sure family and family time is important to you all. And to those with kids who are attending college, this month is a perfect way to re-connect with them while they are away at school. It’s also a great bonding tool as you help cheer them and their school on throughout the tournament. And even if your child’s school isn’t a March Madness participant, they are most likely rooting for another school’s team. What can make it interesting is if the parent’s favorite team is a rival of their child’s school team! Either way, whether you’re showing support for your son or daughter’s school or having a friendly team rivalry, the connection you have with your child is incomparable.

For Mommy and Daddy blogs, how are you getting involved? Are you creating posts that are centered on your kid’s college team (if they are participating in the tournament)? If so, utilizing your blogs and social networks is a great way to show support for your son or daughter; as well as show some school spirit. The “cool” factor also comes into play here as well. Staying relevant and displaying interest will show your child that you’re up to date with what’s going on in their life. Your post will not only make for quality content on your blog but it will also spark discussion amongst your readers; as I’m sure they can relate if they have a child in college as well. For those with younger children, March Madness is still great, especially if your kid is a fan of basketball or plays basketball themselves. Watching the games together can be an opportunity for parents to talk with their kids about the game, how to improve their skills, teach the value of sportsmanship, and more.

As hectic as the name suggests it to be, March Madness can be an enjoyable period for families. Utilize this time wisely with your kids, whether they are away for college, a fan of the sport or an aspiring basketball player, they’ll greatly appreciate it.

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  1. On a side note, I find it interesting Mad Hatter comes from Mercury poisoning, which causes people to go “mad”. Now March Madness is one and out, which makes for so many upsets that it’s really fun and hectic to watch. No 7 game series here. It’s one and done, which culminates  in a national champ and plenty of excitement on the way. I can’t wait. Getting ready to pick my brackets. I just hope there is no controversy with point shaving and such in the tournament.

      1.  @MariaMy87 
        Ohio St since my friend is a Wisconsin fan. And North Carolina since I’m a big Jordan fan. They do have a key injury though. If that doesn’t pan out I want a small school to win it all. Nothing better than a Cinderella team to win the national championship.

        1.  @hongsc Quite true indeed! As for me, I was raised in CT and my dad is a hardcore Huskies fan so I’m rooting for UConn, ofcourse. (although the men’s team lost already, the women’s team is still in the tournament i believe) 

  2. I’ve never really cared for March Madness, that is until I married my husband. I grew up playing basketball so I have an interest in the sport, I just would rather play sports than watch them.  But now my husband and I watch together and have a lot of similar interests so it makes for some excitement around here during March. 

    1.  @katonto That’s awesome! Who do you guys root for? And what position did you play? I played shooting guard! :] 

  3. This is definitely my favorite article because I love March Madness. The perfect time to get together with friends and family for basketball fun and parties. I love serving up finger foods and great snacks for friends to get involved in the games and we all choose our favorite teams to root for.

    1.  @StefanieSchmidt1 Why thank you 🙂 and in truly is a great time for sports and famlily/friends. Do you root for any team in particular? 

  4. Was really invested in “March Madness” when AR played LSU… we lost, so my interest has been hit-or-miss since.  My Husband has followed a bit more closely tho… Lol!!!

  5. March Madness is a true name for this season, i love the games, but it seems that other crazy stuff happens also…My motto, is be safe and have fun at the sporting events…..Hope my favriote team wins….siting on “pins and needles”

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