What is Baby Month you ask? A very baby-focused month at Smiley360! Since May is a time to celebrate moms, what better time for Missions, sweeps and more that are all about babies?

Be on the look out for 17,000 Mission spots available to try baby products! Know any mothers of young children that would make a good Smiley member? Help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.



Don’t miss your chance to win flowers! For your chance to win, just tell us in the comments of the linked Facebook post what baby brands and products you would like to try on a Smiley Mission.

1123932_2Smiley360 CEO Sue Frech says, “Our latest Missions for moms are some of the largest in Smiley360 history, and we’re excited to give so many moms the opportunity to participate. This is a wonderful time for moms to join our community. As a mom of three, I know how important peer-to-peer reviews are, especially when you are looking for products that help make raising kids easier. We know our May programs will help moms try before they buy, and find a solution and a brand they can trust.”

No babies in your life? That’s ok! This month, you’ll see huge Missions launching in the categories of food, health, nutrition, laundry and more. There’ll be something for everyone!

We hope that you’re excited for all that Smiley360 has in store for May! We know we are!

Why are you excited for Baby Month? Tell us in the comments!