Do you ever wonder who approves all the posts on your Missions? We have a dedicated team of Community Managers who read your posts and make sure the Smiley community is heard and happy. So, we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at who they are! Our next manager is Alice, get to know her below. 

Manager- AliceTell us about yourself and give us a fun fact!

I’ve been with the Smiley team for almost 2 years and I was born and raised in New York. I’m an avid fan of traveling, iced coffee and Moroccan food.

Fun Fact: I have an 18 year old Maltese who is still quite active!

What do you love about Smiley?

The Smiley Community is like one big family who share a common interest: trying new things and sharing their opinion. It’s a great way for people to engage with one another on social media to talk about different products. Having the opportunity to try something before a purchase is pretty useful especially if it’s free!

Out of all the Missions… do you have a favorite? Why?

Any of the Purina Missions are my favorite because I love seeing the great photos of dogs enjoying their treats and food. We’ve seen some pretty funny ones over the past few Missions.

What advice would you give Smiley members to make sure their posts get approved?

Reviews that are thought out and detailed help both the brand and other members. Creative photos that aren’t just photos of the kit are also great to share. We love seeing how much fun members have with a kit so get creative!

Do you have any questions you’d like Alice to answer? Ask us in the comments!