Do you ever wonder who approves all the posts on your Missions? We have a dedicated team of Community Managers who read your posts and make sure the Smiley community is heard and happy. So, we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at who they are! Our next manager is Katrina, get to know her below. 

Katrina Image


Tell us about yourself and give us a fun fact!

Just over a year ago I moved from Ireland to New York City. One week later, I joined the Smiley team. It was one of the toughest and best decisions I ever made!

Fun Fact: I love everything outdoors. I grew up on a farm in Ireland so anything that involves being outside in fresh air is right up my alley! Camping, kayaking, hill walking – I love them all!


What do you love about Smiley?

There are so many reasons as to why I love Smiley!

  • I love the Smiley attitude, each and every person strives every day to make the experience a little bit better for our members.
  • I love the feedback we receive from our members. I revel in a member’s delight when he/she is accepted on to a Mission. I love the insightful and detailed reviews they create, and the creative pictures I get to see every day.
  • What I love most about Smiley is the sense of comradery throughout the Smiley community. I feel like every single one of us in the Smiley community has now found a safe haven and a common interest. The Smiley community is like a family and that is something I’m proud to be a part of!

What is one of your roles here at Smiley?

One of my favorite parts of my job is creating the surveys that appear on your Dashboard. What I love about this is that I get to learn so much about the Smiley Community. I have an incredible appreciation for members’ feedback on these surveys as it allows our team to match members with a Mission that’s just right for them! And personally, I feel like I am getting to know each and every one of you that little bit better – what’s not to love!

What advice would you give Smiley members to make sure their posts get approved?

The most important thing to remember when creating your post is to be honest. Here at Smiley all we ask of you is to give us your opinion. That is what we want to see and hear. Whether this comes in the form of a detailed retail review, a fun and creative picture or an informative face-to-face conversation – we want to hear them all! We’re all about that authentic feedback – so get sharing!

Do you have any questions you’d like Katrina to answer? Ask us in the comments!