Do you ever wonder who approves all the posts on your Missions? We have a dedicated team of Community Managers who read your posts and make sure the Smiley community is heard and happy. So, we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at who they are! Our next manager is Nate, get to know him below. 

Nate1Tell us about yourself and give us a fun fact!

I’ve been working at Smiley for a little over three years now. Originally from San Francisco, I moved to New York five years ago and I’m still on a quest for the perfect burrito!

Fun Fact:  I’ve been playing the saxophone since I was nine years old and once played my way across the country from New York to California!

What do you love about Smiley?

I love that being a Smiley member allows you to become the “go-to” expert on a product. I don’t know about you all, but I trust my friends’ opinions of products way more than anyone else so it’s nice to see the full effect of that. And selfishly, working here exposes me to some great products I would have otherwise not known about–gotta love that!

You have a unique role at Smiley… Can you tell us more about it?

The Community Managers at Smiley wear a lot of different hats but my favorite thing to do is write! I write all of the emails you receive from us (I hope you’re reading them!) as well as everything you see on your Mission Pages. I try to keep it light and fun, as well as informational for you, without going overboard on the cheesy jokes!

What advice would you give Smiley members to make sure their posts get approved?

We really just want to hear your honest opinion! Take your time and make sure you’re saying everything you want to about the product you’re trying. Remember, part of being a Smiley member is helping your friends and family make informed decisions about products so the more information you can include the better!

Do you have any questions you’d like Nate to answer? Ask us in the comments!