In our behind the scenes series, we’re shining a spotlight on the people behind Smiley360. Take a moment to get to know our CEO, Sue!

What is your role at Smiley?

I am the CEO, our “fearless” leader into the great unknown.

Where are you from and how long have you been with Smiley?

I was born in Vietnam, adopted when I was about 15 months and have lived in NJ near my family ever since. I have been with Smiley from the day one, the very beginning…August 2009 is my 5 year anniversary. I cannot believe it has been 5 years, it has gone so fast!

What is the best part about your job?

The people I get to work with….our team, our members and our clients are truly the best.  I strive to be better every day because of them.

What has been your favorite Mission so far?

BIC Mark-it Halloween and Holiday were my favorite Missions! I love the creativity, and love that they were tied to a larger promotion, a daily sweepstakes. 

What are three things you can’t live without?

My family!  My family is the most important thing in the world to me. My work…I love my family, but live for my work. Third one is tough…I guess I would have to say vacation. We love to travel and have some of my favorite memories are from traveling.

What is one thing you’d like to say to members of the Smiley community?

Thank you! Without you we would not be here. You inspire me every day, so thank you!!!