This month, members of the Smiley Blogger Circle are sampling a Smiley favorite, Pompeian’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Among the many uses for olive oil, creating amazing and flavorful dishes is one of the top picks. Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is committed to freshness from harvest to table ensuring that only the finest olives are selected. It is low in acidity, which accounts for a robust taste, heady fragrance and flavor that can be especially enjoyed in dressings, salads, vinaigrettes or as a table condiment for dipping bread of crudité. What’s the word from the Smiley community? Check out what other members think of  Pompeian Olive Oil at the Smiley Connect.

Join in on the cooking fun with a few of the recipes our bloggers will use to make their delectable dishes. Download the recipe and easily shop for the ingredients using your Smiley Recipe Box, powered by Ziplist. Read more about the Smiley Recipe Box and how to use it if you’re a first timer!