This month, selected Smiley members on the Alpina Greek Yogurt Mission will be creating (and enjoying!) some scrumptious and healthy recipes featuring the Alpina Greek Yogurt product. We know how chef-tastic our Smiley members can be (as seen from the Knorr Homestyle Stock, PAM Cooking Spray and Kikkoman Missions!) we wanted to share this fun and healthy recipe with everyone!

Each spoonful of Alpina Greek Yogurt with Artisan Granola is a gratifying way to indulge in something delicious. Alpina Greek Yogurt with Artisan Granola combines creamy authentically strained Greek yogurt with crunchy artisan-crafted granolas & there are many unique recipes that you can incorporate Alpina Greek Yogurt with Artisan Granola in!  And using Alpina Greek Yogurt with Artisan Granola, you can bake a cheesecake in just a few easy steps! Even if you’re not this specific mission, there’s never a time to say no to cheesecake!

Enjoy every last bite of this healthy, delicious dessert by using this delectable ingredient based alternative to the traditional high-fat-content and caloric recipes. Don’t forget to add this recipe to your recipe box and add to your shopping list for easy gathering or ingredients! New to the Smiley Recipe Box (powered by Ziplist)? Read more about how it works here.