Today we are announcing a change to the way Smiley360 missions work.

Today we are announcing a change to the way Smiley360 missions work!

How it worked before: Your mission would disappear from your Smiley account once you earned all 50 Smiles.
How it works now: Your mission will remain on your Smiley account until the mission’s end date, and will disappear only when it’s time to take the post-mission survey.

Why the change? Many of you have asked why your missions will disappear because, although you earned all your Smiles, you had more to say about the product! In fact, there are many occasions to share throughout your mission:

  1. When you accept a new mission, start sharing how excited you are to receive the product.
  2. Once you have experienced the product, return to your mission page to share your opinions.
  3. Return to your mission page when you have something new to share. Maybe you found a new way to use the product, or you want to keep sharing an online coupon with your friends. Maybe, after having more time to reflect, you have more to say on your mission.
  4. To enter any special sweepstakes we announce during a mission.

What you will see in your Smiley account right now: You will see all your missions that are currently active. If you have previously completed a mission that is still active, this mission will now re-appear in your Smiley account. Don’t worry, this will not affect your Smiley level. It still takes 50 Smiles to complete a mission, but the mission will remain on your Smiley page until the mission has reached its end date.

Everything else remains the same. Smiley missions have always had a launch date and end date. You can find the date your mission ends at the bottom of your mission page.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comments below.

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