Mother’s Day Activities

So you’ve made mom breakfast, bought her some flowers, but the day is still young. I usually find myself looking for something fun and different to celebrate, always coming up short; I decided to look around to see what cool ideas other people had (and asked my own mother).

Whether it sounds cliché or not, all moms want to celebrate the day with the family.  As many times as I’ve rolled my eyes after asking my mom “what do you want to do today?” and the answer is always something with the family.

There is always the go-to take mom out to brunch to ensure that nothing gets burnt, mom gets to pick her dish and you don’t even have to clean up. If you’re feeling adventurous, going to the park for a picnic is fun, easy, and relaxing. Bringing the classic snacks and sandwiches are always perfect, but if you’re feeling adventurous, bring foods that you- and mom- have never tried, exotic fruits, or a cool dip.

The picnic fun doesn’t have to end after lunch is over, you can always make a day-trip out of it. Going hiking at a state park is great in the spring, and something everyone in the family can enjoy. My mom, not a nature person by any means, loves the idea of going to the state park and taking in the scenery.

Other great places for a day trip are the beach (swimming usually isn’t part of the plan in May), amusement parks, museums, and spring festivals .Most moms don’t get the chance to go to the theatre and see a new movie, take mom to the movies- and let her pick! Don’t forget to get a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the feature film.

If your mom is as busy as moms tend to be, simply hanging out at home with the family is your best bet, (Or if the weather isn’t working in your favor). Breaking out the old board games from when you were little always makes for a few hours of fun, Scrabble is always a hit at my house, gets very competitive.

Another fun game everyone can play is charades, everyone can join in and it’s always a blast trying to act out your topic, and try to guess others’. Don’t know what Charades is? It is a game in where players guess a word, phrase or topic from expressive clues. It’s like pictionary in action.

It’s always good to let mom take the day off entirely-no laundry, dishes, cleaning, or cooking- simply doing those jobs for her will put a smile on mom’s face. Cooking her favorite dinner for her is always a great way to end the day, don’t forget to do the dishes!

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