Must Have Phone Apps

Too many of us are increasingly obsessed with our Smartphones. No need to seek help, applications are therapy in many ways. They’ve relieved the stress of having to be near a computer to do anything. And whether you’re a city dweller or suburbian, it’s great to not have to waste time when you’re on the go and just having resources literally in the palm of your hands. And above all, it’s just plain cool.

The following applications are among the most popular because of their usefulness, convenience and fun factor. They’re all the rage in the Smartphone cool crowd.

Amazon Kindle: Get new releases and best sellers on the go, right on your phone for under $10. No Kindle necessary. Click here for more info.

Google Maps:
Paper maps are probably sold in vintage stores now. This app practically holds your hand with navigation, traffic alerts, street views, etc. Click here for more info.

Pandora: Everyone likes personalized things these days and often times you only get to listen to your radio when you’re in the car. So the combination of both needs is this application, where you listen to a free radio station, customized by your taste. Click here for more info.

Shop Savvy: The barcode scanning feature has revolutionized shopping experiences. Find products easily, see where they are sold most reasonably, get them and tell your friends. All on your phone. Click here for more info.

Groupon Mobile: Take part in collective buying power. Get daily discounts on goods and services from your local businesses. Click here for more info.

Banking Mobile: Chase, Citi, Bank of America, TD Bank. They are all at your service at your fingertips. Make transactions and pay bills, get customer service on the go. But every now and then visit your bank branch just to make the tellers feel better. Click here for more info on Chase, Citi, BOA or TD.

New York Times: The world’s most acclaimed news resource. It’s necessary to know whats going on in our world every day. A simple tap over breakfast or on your lunch break will provide you with just that. Click here for more info.

Social Media: Facebook and Twitter users raise your hands. Yep, that’s about everyone. Whether you update your statuses on the hour every hour or just when something noteworthy is happening, it’s great to do it on the go and to be able to control the site traffic for your viewing purposes. Click here for more info on Facebook or Twitter.

Blogging App: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Assuming you’re in this population of people who have taken the internet by storm, you must get this on your phone. Regardless of what kind of blog it is, there’s no need to be struck with an idea mid-day or mid-night and have to wait to publish it. Click here for more info on WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr.

If there is anything you need or want, there is probably a Smartphone application for it. Take deep breaths and remember, your phone is your friend.

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