Things might look a bit different around here–that’s because we’ve made a few improvements to your Dashboard.

Here’s a quick run-down on where you can find your Missions, Surveys, Discussions, and anything else you’ll need!

What’s Happening at Smiley!

Below is where you can find the latest scoop within the community. If there’s something new we think you’ll be interested in, we’ll keep it at the top of your Dashboard.

Your Activities

This is where you’ll find your new offers, activities in progress, and completed activities.

In the “Available” tab, you will see any new offers available to you. Once you accept a new activity, it will move into the “In Progress” tab where it will live until you complete it. In this tab, you can see how many points you’ve earned and how close you are to earning the badge!

After you earn all the points you can on a Mission, complete a survey, or redeem a Quick Offer, the activity will move the the “Completed” tab.

After an activity’s end date, it will move to your profile history, just like it used to!

Top Discussions

Towards the bottom of your Dashboard, you’ll find the discussions that others members are currently participating in. Just click the link to join in on the conversation!

Have a question about your new Dashboard? Email us at!