By now everyone has heard the term #OccupyWallStreet. But what is going on exactly? One small protest in NYC has turned into an international affair with protests popping up in many different cities. Living in NYC, I’ve had a first hand experience of what’s going on.

What is the purpose, what are people aiming to accomplish through all of this? Who is actually protesting? There are a lot of questions being asked. Many people are still don’t understand completely what’s going on. It feels like people are coming to protest just to complain with no visible end in sight.

Here in NYC people have been camping out for weeks, building little makeshift living arrangements and even kitchens. The community is growing every day at an increasing rate from students to teachers and more. The park once there for families and locals to enjoy has become a campground.

The biggest player in all this is social media. We heard the same with Egypt’s protests as well as the riots in London. With mobile technology firing off information at a rapid speed, anyone has become a broadcaster, spreading the word to come and join the fight. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any other medium; photos, video, text and more are being shared amongst friends and the internetz. #OccupyWallStreet has become a well known hashtag as well as a trending Foursquare location in NYC.

Believe it or not, these people are REALLY trying to make a change, You can find an unofficial list of demands posted online. Are the demands realistic in actually coming to action, now that’s something of a different story. You can find the list here. Some of them are ideal, and in the long wrong would be great for the future, while others may seem a little far-fetched. The thing is, there is no one official head of the protesting, and its hard to say what will stop the protesters or would be considered a victory on their part. How the media is portraying the sights and sounds may be a different P.O.V then someone else observing the protest. Only time can tell what will happen next.

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