Which Came First: The Bunny or the Egg?

Easter is an exciting time of year. It is the holiday that ushers in new life and warm sunny weather, which will be a welcome reprieve for many of our readers in the Northern states. Winter’s cold grip is beginning to soften and the world is waking up from hibernation. With all the excitement of spring we tend to take much of the symbolism associated with this time of year at face value—but when we step back and examine the traditions of spring and Easter, things can look a little funky.

So we have everyone’s favorite bunny that goes house-to-house giving chocolate treats and little gifts to children around the world, a business model he borrowed from the North Pole’s most successful CEO, Santa Clause. Much like Christmas, children learn quickly that the quality of the goods in their Easter basket is directly proportionate to their behavior. The concept of being rewarded for good behavior is important for children to learn and the excitement of a candy buffet is incentive enough. As a child, I never stopped to think much about the physical symbols of this time of year—the surges of dopamine induced by the Cadbury company put my mind elsewhere.

The Oscar Race Is On! Who Will Win Best Picture?

2010 was yet another solid year for Hollywood films, and on February 27, 2011, the best of those films will be honored at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Particularly with the ten Best Picture nominees, this year had its fair share of memorable movie moments – like when Mark Zuckerberg heard the first use of the phrase, “Facebook me!” And when Dom Cobb’s spinning top would determine whether his whole existence was a dream or reality. Or when ballet dancer Nina’s transformation into a beautiful swan on stage was complete. While a lot of movies fared well both at the box office and with critics, only one can win Best Picture. Here’s a review of the top five nominees.