Photos, Videos and Your Smiley Missions

Edited by Angelica on 8/17/18

Nothing makes us smile quite like seeing you in action on your Missions. For this edition of the Smiley Membership Guide, we’re going to learn all about sharing photos and videos!

Strike a Pose!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not save yourself some typing and share a photo on your Mission? Sharing photos gives other consumers insight into how the product looks and works, aiding them in future purchases.

When taking a photo on your Smiley Mission, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure we can see you and the product clearly
  • Make sure the photo is focused and not blurry
  • Make sure you are taking the photo in good lighting
  • Have fun with it – think about the setting, what or who else can you include in your picture?
  • Don’t forget to smile!

Lights, Camera, Smiley!

Video reviews are becoming more and more popular on social media and our Smiley members are no exception! It can be hard to find the right words to use when writing a review about a product, so you might even find it easier to get your point across with a video!

You may be wondering, how do I make a great video? Ironically, we have another blog post for that: How To: Record a Rockin’ Video Submission. Feel free to check it out!

In the meantime, we’ve put together some simple steps that will help you shine on camera:

  • Keep it short and concise – under 60 seconds
  • Make sure we can see you and the product clearly
  • Ensure the room has good lighting and try to record in front of a window
  • Ensure the room has no background noise so we can hear you
  • Mention that Smiley360 provided you with a free product for your review
  • Don’t forget to smile!

Now that you’re an expert…

Strut Your Stuff!

There are a number of ways to submit a photo or video—the first being through your Mission. If there’s an option to earn points for sharing photos and videos, you’ll see it on your Mission Page.

You can submit your photos and videos on any one of your social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube—by using the available Sharing Tools on your Mission Page!

Out of Ideas?

You’re ready and raring to share your photos and videos…but what should you post? We rely on our members to provide amazing content but we know it’s hard to be regularly creative. Here are some popular types of photos and videos we see:

  • Testing out a product for the first time: We want to see you in action with the product we sent you! Share before and after photos of your dirtiest clothes after using a detergent. Record yourself enjoying the latest food Mission in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!
  • Testimonials: Video testimonials can be very effective in spreading the word about a product. Some things to think about—How have you been enjoying the product? Did it live up to its claims? How did your friends react when you told them about the product?

These are just some ideas to get you started in your budding photography and filmmaking careers. We love to see anything that you submit—it’s one of the big reasons why the brands you love want to work with our community!

So don’t be shy! Send us your photos and videos—we can’t wait to see your smiling faces!

What types of photos and videos do you like to make? Do you have any pro-tips for other Smiley members? Let us know in the comments! Until next time…

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Photos, Videos And Your Smiley Missions

13 thoughts on “Photos, Videos and Your Smiley Missions

  1. I love pictures! I only have a few from past missions because I only had a couple of missions. My friends and family on Facebook got a kick out of the Nescafe earrings.

  2. Wow, this is pretty amazing, it sounds really cool when they get their free smples, but how exactly do you get them? thanks everyone!!

  3. mayasusy1 Getting started as a Smiley member is easy:

    Fill out your profile until it is 100% complete. This is so we can match you with products to fit your lifestyle
    Then, complete your Introduction Mission so you can learn how it all works
    Finally, complete any available surveys on your Dashboard
    Soon you’ll start receiving offers from great brands. Any offer you receive will appear on your Dashboard. 

    Once you’re on a Mission, we will send you the product to try in exchange for your honest review.

    Let me know if this helps and if there’s anything else I can assist you with today!

  4. I. DIDN’T. Believe it till i actually. Did the surveys and then here is my proof i received. A beautiful free hand ceeam sample. And i tryed it and i love it. Please join there is nothing like enjoying. Free products mailed directly to your home free of charge.

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