Quiz: What Type of Influencer Are You?

Smiley360 is all about flexing your opinion muscles to influence your friends. By posting your reviews online, you’re helping other consumers pick the best products! Not all influencers are the same – take this quiz to find out  what type of influencer you are!

26 thoughts on “Quiz: What Type of Influencer Are You?

  1. There is nothing wrong wrong with observing, especially before making decisions on purchases or making friends because you never know what you’re gonna get..   As Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box a chocolates. ya never know what you’re gonna get……

    I too tend to observe but then hop right on the latest styles, electronics, etc….

  2. I got trendsetter! Whoop whoop! I love settting trends and sharing my options through smiley360, Facebook, to my friends and family face to faceU0001f60a

  3. I can’t wait to get started trying new things and someone really listening and caring about how I feel about product. My boyfriend says that I’m good advertising for products that I like because if i see someone looking at a product that I’ve tried I will tell them what I think of it. He’s says I’m a walking billboard for things. Lol

  4. nothing wrong with being a tremdsetter…..just means people follow you in your style making you feel like you can do things different.  Although some may not like your style others usual.   All the benefits  of ””””smiley360 and a way to put you’r e loving harti;

  5. I’m a trendsetter! So let’s start setting trends together Smiley360 members…… what type of influencer are you? Take the quiz along with all of us and share!

  6. wow. im a trendsetter, or someone with a big mouth! lol. it’s fun to talk about cool new ideas and products

  7. I am someone with a big mouth for sure…..I am a trendsetter too!  Let’s  be TRENDSETTERS together and enjoy the Smiley 360 experience sharing all the new and free items

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