Smiley Membership Guide: Retail Reviews

Edited by: Angelica on 8/24/18

We’re back with another lesson for you this week and it’s all about using the Retail Review Sharing Tool!

For some Missions, you’ll have the opportunity to write a review on a retailer’s website (such as,, etc.) This is a helpful way to share your opinion with other consumers who are considering buying a product, and earns you 50 points.

The Four Steps To Retail Reviews

Retail Review

1. Form Your Opinion

We are sure you can think of what to say about the product, but here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure where to start:

  • What are the product’s advantages?
  • Is there something you don’t like so much?
  • Do you think the product is well-priced?
  • How easy or difficult was the product to use?
  • Did you like the color/smell/form/taste/etc.?
  • What surprised you the most about the product?
  • Do you have any recommendations for what the brand should change?
  • Did you share this product with family and friends? What did they think?

2. Write Your Review

Once you have formed your opinion on the product, it’s time to share what you think! Here are some tips for writing your review:

  • Write your review from your own personal point of view.
  • ALWAYS mention that you received the samples for free (unless you purchased the product post-Mission). Just paste a phrase such as this at the end of your review:

“I received PRODUCT NAME for free. Opinions are 100% my own.”

  • Check your spelling and grammar. Make use of spell-checking tools.
  • Write as much as you want! This is your own honest opinion and feedback—and that counts.

3. Post Your Review

We will give you specific instructions for where you can submit your review. Some of the most common retailer websites are Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target.


4. Submit Your Review

Submit your review on your Mission Page and allow up to 7 days for us to read and approve it. The most common reasons why we would need to reject your review is if it did not mention the word “free” or if the screenshot is too small, making it difficult to read.

retail review

How To Take A Screenshot

In case you don’t know how to take a screenshot on your computer, or would like to know an easier way, we recommend you check out this super easy tutorial. It covers all popular computer systems. If yours is not among them, or you’re still seeking more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Why Write A Retail Review?

Here’s why you should take advantage of retail review opportunities on your Mission:

  • Your review will be read by many other people
  • Your review can help other consumers make an informed decision on a product
  • You will receive 50 points for your efforts

And that’s it! Got questions? We have answers. Let us know in the comments below!

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58 thoughts on “Smiley Membership Guide: Retail Reviews

  1. I first met and heard about Smiley360 thru a young awesome woman named: Cynthia Beaumont She gives her all, her 200 percent effort to show review items, she always has a pretty smile and lively spirit to encourage others to try out new and upcoming products, I think she is just awesome!! She inspired me to join Smiley360. Thank you Cynthia.

  2. I found smiley360 awhile back and I totally love it. The products are great to where you can actually sample it more than once.. I like to try it more than once before I give reviews as at times it may just be a fluke or done in error.

  3. Smiley 360 is a great way to try new things and give your opinion to help others make decisions on what to try! GREAT program!  Thanks!

  4. i do the surveys i didnt know about the reviews on walmart walgreens not sure about how you earn more smiles

  5. AmyMGrainger I’m in complete agreement! I’ve been doing Smiley missions for awhile now but have learned a lot that I was missing!

  6. I just recently signed up for smiley 360 and my online time is pretty limited cause I’m so busy but it has already been very helpful in many way’s. Thanks smiley 360.

  7. Still trying to figure out how to complete my mission on Sundown natural vitamins Gummies with the bonus? I don’t know what to do for bonus. HELP

  8. Nature’s Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies
    I have posted when I began and when I finished this product however it is not on my MISSIONS page therefore no credit for it. Also, i am not receiving any credit for posting on my Facebook on any of the products that I have posted reviews on. Please HELP.

  9. I’m so glad I joined your mission can’t wait . Post masters needs to knock on my door so excited I’m ready for bonuses , smiles you name it love trying new products and spreads the word. Be Heard Be Happy @Smiley360

  10. This is great. Love the explanations, as I have been a member of Smiley360 for quite some time but didn’t realize all the other ways I could share my fun experiences with my missions other than face-to-face or a phonecall.  Can’t wait to see my smiles climb!

  11. I really like to earn more smiley , as a member of smiley360 for quite some time now I came to realize that the more I share the more I earned, thank you for inviting me in you community, its worth it

  12. I just joined smiley360 and this blog is very helpful for the new members. Waiting to see what kind of products do I get to try:)

  13. I’m new to Smiley and so far I lIke it I just wish I could receive more samples. So far I’ve only received the children’s cough medicine.

  14. AutumnJungling  hope that page helps. I’ve signed up awhile back so when I chk my dashboard and there is something that I know I can give a full review I apply for it.  In your review make sure you let ppl know that it is a sample sponsored product.

  15. The first i heard about smiley360 through a friend con Facebook there products are great to where you can truly samples more than once products to try and gave reviews as more times as u likes smiley360 is a great way to try new products.

  16. Love receiving the free products and giving my opinion on the products on Smiley360. Come and sign up for Smiley360 and see what you think.

  17. andrew2angalia Make sure your profile is all up to date.  Complete all of the profile surveys.  Link your social media accounts.  Like Smiley360 on social media so that you can follow them.  Check your dashboard often for offers.  Once they match your profile with products, you’ll receive invitations to campaigns.  Make sure your e-mail address is correct & current.  Once you become a part of a campaign make sure you fulfill all of the requirements, & you’ll be sure to get invited to more.  Good luck & I hope you get invitations soon!

  18. andrew2angalia If you’re on a Mission, please follow these steps:Go to your Dashboard at your Mission on the right side under ‘Your Missions’Click to visit your Mission PageRead the instructions to learn about the product and what to do on your MissionScroll down to the Sharing Tools and share your opinion on Facebook, Twitter and Smiley ConnectYou can tell us about Face2Face conversations you had in real life with the Face2Face toolTo submit each of your posts, click the big blue ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the pageYou will earn points for sharing – earn the maximum amount of points to complete your Mission!
    If you’re waiting to be on a Mission, be sure to:Complete your profile to 100%Accept and complete your Introduction MissionTake any available surveys on your Dashboard
    If you have any other questions, email us at

  19. Smiley360Alice andrew2angalia I was unable to accept my first mission.  It was for tampons and I had a hysterectomy a couple years ago.  I hope that won’t keep me from obtaining new missions!

  20. Im new to smiley360 hopefully i do everything thats asked of me correctly and then i get to sample products. So far i like the site. I found this via another free site.

  21. On the Retail Reviews it says to post review for 4 diiferent places and to Amazon for the 14ct & 42ct. Do I just copy/paste the same review or do we do a different review each time? Should I wait for review to be approved before shàring with all 4 companies.

  22. It’s my first review and on the retail review, I keep getting a fail 🙁 I  should have it in today! I just can’t get it done and I am so disappointed.

  23. RebekahWebb1 Retail reviews are submitted for certain Missions. This blog post is to help you write a great review to submit for your Missions!

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