Sensitive teeth putting a damper on your summer days? Fear no more, Arm and Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste helps soothe away the pain, leaving you to feast on your favorite cold foods!

Sensitive teeth taking a toll on your day? As the weather gets warmer, our favorite foods and beverages begin to cool. If you feel yourself wince at the sip of iced water or a nibble of a popsicle you are certainly not alone–according to a study done by the American Dental Association,  1 in 8 adults suffer from “sensitive teeth”, a condition that can shoot pain to nerve endings in your teeth and gums. Sensitive teeth were most common in young adults, women and people who had receding gums or did at-home tooth whitening.

You may ask, what are the triggers keeping you from your beloved sweet treats?  There are many causes behind this condition, but generally speaking it is due to exposure of the dentine, or softer part of the tooth from the loss of enamel.

According to the ADA, to help reduce the risk of sensitive teeth, they recommend brushing with a soft brush, drinking water immediately after having an acidic food or drink, avoiding brushing teeth for 10-15 minutes, as well as using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. This month, our Smiley members are on a mission to experience ARM & HAMMER™  Sensitive Toothpaste, by the makers of Orajel™, which provides relief through a low abrasion formula that is gentler on enamel, while providing other benefits such as deep cleansing, whitening effects and fluoride cavity protection.  Has it met their expectations? To read what members thought of the product, check out their Smiley Connect page.

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