When the degrees are up it’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling a bit down on these long summer days. With the summer coming to an end (and all too quickly I may add!) it’s important to keep your health at an all time high—after all, there is still so much to be done before school and work hit us! We all know how important it is to get up and get active. Taking a leisurely summer stroll or a brisk run along the beach is all good and well of course, but did you know that eating right is just as important to getting those veins pumping and juices flowing? Smiley’s here to give you the lowdown on your upkeep and keep you feeling full and focused as these last days fly by.

Beat Dehydration:

Dehydration, or the state in which the body’s cells are deprived of an adequate amount of water, may be caused by exposure to excessive heat and extreme sweating, both common this time of the year. There are ways in which you can avoid feeling down and out as a result of feeling dehydrated. How you may ask? Eat your way there! While 80 percent of our water intake may come from drinking, 20 percent is left to derive from food. Adding some delicious and nutritious water-filled foods style like lettuce, celery or spinach to your diet will leave you feeling your best this summer. Check out some of our hydration-friendly recipes below as found on the Recipe Box.

  • Keep it nice and simple here with this radish, celery and snap pea salad
  • If you’re looking to add some protein into your hydration-forward diet, try out this chicken salad lettuce wrap with this recipe

Support your Skin:

Naturally, weather as gorgeous as this summer’s is going to make us want to soak up the sun as much as we can before the cooler fall and winter months set in. Whether you are working as a lifeguard or taking some time off on the beach with friends it is extremely important that when enjoying the sun’s rays, you are keeping yourself protected all the while. Unhealthy sun exposure can lead to many harmful effects ranging from sunburn, damage to our immune system, premature skin aging to cancer. The importance of applying (and reapplying) sunscreen when playing or working outside is not the only way to support healthy skin exposure, but eating right, namely foods rich in antioxidants like fresh salmon and red and orange fruits and veggies have proven to serve lasting benefits as well. See below for our favorite skin savvy and safe recipes!

  • In the spirit of those spending their summer in the caribbean, check out this tropical salmon recipe 
  • Try out this easy and delicious marinated tri-color pepper salad to keep your skin looking and feeling flawless

Care for your Hair:

In an attempt to escape the heat we find ourselves pining away searching for the closest neighborhood pool and beach. While in the water we may find ourselves feeling relaxed and refreshed, once we step out we are hit with a whole different kind of wave: those crazy, tangled and crunchy waves that have now surfaced on our head. I’m taking chlorine and salt-water damaged hair here people! Chlorine is a type of disinfectant used in pools used to break down and remove dirt, oil and bacteria. Though Chlorine has its benefits in keeping a pool sanitary so all may enjoy, it certainly takes a toll on our hair. While the Chlorine may be stripping harmful oils that may be found in pools, it is also stripping oils in our hair that keep our locks looking luscious.  Similar to Chlorine, the salt found in salt water at the beach is responsible for stealing the moisture our scalp naturally generates, leading to brittle and dry hair. During such heat though we need not rid ourselves from enjoying the cool rush of the water hitting us, we just need to protect our hair before it may get damaged! Foods such as walnuts, eggs and sweet potatoes are just some treats to incorporate into your diet this summer to keep your tresses tame. Don’t miss out on recipes with these ingredients as used below!

  • Test out this perfect sweet potato side dish for your poolside barbecue this summer
  • For a treat, go for this raspberry walnut coffee cake to satisfy that sweet tooth

So, whether you’re taking a casual dip in the pool, laying out on your deck or playing hard enough to make you sweat, be sure to remember that eating right can help you finish this summer off with a bang!