Susan Frech HeadshotMay is Baby Month here at Smiley360! Check out our interview with Smiley360 CEO Sue Frech about motherhood, life and her new baby boy Travis!

Tell us about your new baby!

Well he is my baby, but he is not so new. Travis is 18 months old and the youngest of three. He’s the only boy and he is quite spoiled! But he deserves all of the attention he gets. His smile lights up the room and no matter how bad your day is, when you see him you seem to forget everything else and a huge smile comes across your face. He helps put things in perspective for me and our whole family. He helps you realize how precious life is and how important your are to him. In his little world, a hug and some love is all he wants. My daughters laugh at me because I call him my little Prince.

What is your best piece of advice for new moms?

Cherish every moment because time flies and they grow up so fast. My oldest is about to turn 10, and it has flown by. I remember those sleepless nights, the teething, and potty training and when you’re in the throws of it you can feel so tired and defeated, but it does go fast. Oh and you are the expert the moment after you have passed whatever stage they are in. If we only knew that while we were going through it.


What are some of your favorite baby products?

I love having a sling…all 3 of my kids used it from the time they were 6 weeks and I still use it on Travis as a side sling now. Pouches!!! What a great invention to not have to need spoons for baby food. No refrigeration, organic or all natural and no mess, just brilliant. I love my backpack diaper bag. It saves my back and is always packed and ready to go. Not the most fashionable thing I wear, but practicality takes priority when you are carrying all that baby stuff.


What is your favorite part about being a new mom?

It is all so exciting, and amazing. When we had our first child, I remember driving home with her in the backseat thinking, there is no manual or directions and I cannot believe they are letting us take this little girl home with us. But that shock turns to awe, I am always in awe of my children. That feeling started with the first as a new mom, and never ends. I love seeing pieces of both my husband and I in each of them and being so proud.


Between work and family life you have a lot on your plate! How are you able to juggle it all?

Being a working mom who travels for her job I have to prioritize my schedule. This means I may have to miss some of my kids activities because I am traveling for work. On the flip side, If my kids have an important school event or a dance competition I make every effort to be there. I have to be very selective with how I spend my “free time,” so I do not watch much television and we try to make plans with friends who have kids so I am not leaving my kids to often. At the end of the day we are all super busy and we are always saying to ourselves we wish we could do more of this or more of that, I know I can always improve in this area. I am just grateful that I have a job that I love and really enjoy the people I work with. My kids see how much I like my work and this makes it a little easier to leave them each morning.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your advice to new moms?