Our desks can say a lot about our personalities and work styles, and each of us has a unique workspace where we get things done. Take a peek at the desks of Smiley staffers – this is where the magic happens to make Missions!

What does your workspace look like? Share yours in the comments below!

Stephanie, Account Manager
New York, NY

Steph's Desk

My style: I couldn’t work without my calendar directly across from me because I look at it constantly.
Favorite item: My favorite desk item is my gold stapler because it’s awesome!


Kristi, Senior Business Development Director
New York, NY

Desk pic

My style: Happy. Hot. Mess
Favorite items:  Anything with my son’s face on it, my grumpy smurf which reminds me of how ugly angry people are, my solar powered waving Queen Elizabeth reminding me to never take myself or others too seriously, My Clorox Wipes to clean up the remains of the day (I’m a very messy eater) and my iPhone and laptop which are my life line to my clients.


Mike, Business Development Director
New York, NY


My style: My style is hazardous. I’m not wildly organized but I always know where everything is!
Favorite item: My mouse pad of pictures of my niece  – she is the cutest. My MoMA building block calendar that I never update with the date which just adds to my hazardous desk organization or lack thereof.


Mandy, Insights Manager
New York, NY

IMG_1397 (1)

My style: Whatever accumulates. Some stuff I brought from home because I didn’t really have a place for it there, but most is stuff that I’ve gotten since I’ve been here and it just found a permanent home on my desk!
Favorite items: My Broncos cup (I’m from Boulder, so I grew up a Broncos fan) and the bearskin rug coaster it sits on. I have the other three from the set at home, but my apartment is pretty small, so I didn’t need that many coasters there. My mouse also sits on a mini Persian rug. I really like home design stuff so I guess that spills over into my workspace a little. 🙂


Donal, Community Director
New York, NY


My style: Simple, functional, ergonomic.
Favorite items: One year, our talented designer Rachel gave me a Secret Santa gift that she gift wrapped with specially-created gift wrap with my face on it! I thought it was so cool that I pinned it to the wall. I also love my Smiley notebook to keep track of tasks and meetings. Call me old-fashioned but nothing beats a pen & paper for productivity.


Jordan, Product Marketing Director
Denver, CO

IMG_7613 (1)

My style: Simple with space to spread out. Comfortable chair, lots of storage. 
Favorite item: My favorite item is of course my esteemed co-worker currently occupying the desk. Her name is Zoey.


Liza, Senior Account Manager
New York, NY


My style: Organized and colorful – just like my personality!
Favorite items: I’m a post-it girl! I always need to have post-its on hand! I also love having my Five-Star notebook nearby. The college-ruled sheets provide me with plenty of room to take notes and since its a 5-subject (my fav), it becomes my bible when I need to go back to my old notes.


Katie, Senior Business Development Director
New York, NY


My style: Whimsical, Quirky, Dark
Favorite item: My “wallpaper”. We had a holiday desk decorating contest a couple years back and I went with a Halloween for Christmas theme, with wreaths made of giant spiderwebs and all of the skeletons got Santa hats and beards. I leave it up year round because I think it’s fun!


Yana, Email Marketing Manager
Barcelona, Spain

IMG_20150924_171646 (1) (800x593)

My style: Mission control central. I have more screens than eyes (and I wear glasses!)
Favorite item: The smallest of my laptops. I got it as a bargain to use as a backup workstation but in the end, it got a fair amount of the daily work load.


Patrick, Business Development Director
New York, NY


My style: I’d describe my workspace as crafty in all sense of the word. I am a right-brained person and my brain always goes to aesthetic and how things make me feel. The little tags are notes from friends at a going away party with fun memories of our times together. I like to celebrate my success in my career by keeping those who helped and inspired me along the way. Keeping that energy near is very important.
Favorite items: My picture of my mom, my clothes pins and my planner. Maybe sticky notes too. I leave my notes from what I am to be doing to silly things to help my day be awesome. I am known to write random notes and hide them on other people’s desks too.


Nate, Senior Community Manager
New York, NY


My style: Much more organized than the rest of my life.
Favorite items: Apart from all the Smiley Mission memorabilia (how many can you spot?), my two most prized possessions on my desk are my Hunter Pence bobble head – Go Giants! – and my Patrick Willis autographed football – Go Niners!


What does your workspace look like? Share yours in the comments below!