Missions, Points & Badges—Smiley360 Explained

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Smiley Members like you often come to us in a confused state, looking for answers to questions about how it all works and how to get more Missions—so we’re here to clear things up!

The Smiley360 Membership Guide

Each week for the next seven weeks, we’ll post a lesson about a different Smiley-related topic, aimed at helping you get more value out of your Smiley membership.

So what’s this all about..? 

The idea behind Smiley360 is to give regular consumers, like you and me, a chance to have a say about the brands we all use every day. In simpler terms, we send you a free product and in return you write a review and share your experience with friends.

It’s a two-way street! The brand gets feedback on its products and you get to try before you buy and let friends know if a product is worth their hard-earned money.

Rewarding You With Points

Naturally, we try to reward the Smiley members who hold up their end of the bargain by providing their feedback. Sounds easy, right?

Well often times, some people will try to accept a free product without making any effort to share about it. This disappoints us. But we do our best to reward only the good members who truly understand what Smiley is about.

That’s where points come in. You earn points for every activity you do as a member, such as:

  • completing your profile
  • writing reviews
  • sharing to social media
  • taking surveys
  • uploading photos and videos

While points are not redeemable for any tangible rewards and have no monetary value, earning points shows us that you’re an engaged sharer so we will keep rewarding you with more opportunities to potentially join in Missions, discussions, surveys and more!

If you do not earn points, this will reduce your chances for future opportunities within the Smiley Community. It would be a missed opportunity if you end a Mission without earning any points- start earning them today!

What’s a Mission?

A Mission is just our fun name for the programs where you get to try something new.

A Mission usually lasts 8 weeks, in order to give you enough time to try the product, form your opinion, share your experience and report back to us with every thought, interaction and story you have to tell.

It’s on a Mission where you’ll earn points, by using each of the Smiley Sharing Tools on your Mission Page.

And when you complete a Mission, you get to say…

Goals and Badges

Each one of your Missions will have a point goal to reach, and you’ll find this on your Mission Page:

Using each of the required Sharing Tools and any combination of the additional, optional Sharing Tools, you will reach your Mission Goal and earn a badge!

Every new Mission has a badge, including your Introduction Mission – so make sure to earn your badges to complete your Missions.

What’s To Come

Before we close this out, we’d like to let you know what to expect from this Smiley360 Membership Guide. We will give you a deeper look into each individual Smiley Sharing Tool, explain surveys, teach you how to write good quality reviews and explore more about why Smiley360 exists.

Our next lesson for this week is all about using Facebook an Twitter on your Missions. Access it here!

Thanks for reading! Leave your questions in the comments below. We’re here to help!

LIVE Smiley Membership Guide Lessons

Missions, Points & Badges—Smiley360 Explained

Facebook, Twitter And Your Smiley Missions

189 thoughts on “Missions, Points & Badges—Smiley360 Explained

  1. I really enjoyed reading the information on the guide and looking forward to the next one,ythis is just a wonderful idea:)

  2. thank you for making this guide i have gotten a couple of missions but have not done to well on them because i did not understand how to do somethings like clickthru and smiley connect

  3. This is a handy guide and I understand it completely. One of the problems I have is not being on Twitter and not wanting to be on Twitter so many times that is the only mission I get is a Twitter mission. I’m fine with everything else.

    1. currsand  Not being on Twitter does not damage your Smiley status, because you can still earn up to 40 out of 50 Smiles which is still awesome. Many members have created Twitter accounts for the purpose of Smiley360, but we completely understand if it’s just not for you.

  4. I think I get it but I don’t have a Twitter account and I really don’t plan on having one so I hope that doesn’t hurt my chances?!

    1. RoxanneBrown  Hi Roxanne. It’s true that without a Twitter account, you cannot move up in level because you’re not earning all 50 Smiles. However, it does not damage your Smiley status, because you’re still earning 40 out of 50 Smiles which is still awesome. Many members have created Twitter accounts for the purpose of Smiley360, but we completely understand if it’s just not for you.

  5. My concern is, I have been a member for 3 years and have never left level two! How am I able to complete a mission if I don’t run my own website? I never get credit for the click-thru! I wish there were other ways to be able to make the next level.

    1. chas_2u  You’re not the first person to say this! There are actually many other ways to share your ClickThru links to earn your 10 Smiles. For example, you can share it with friends via email, post it in any Facebook groups you are a member of, put it in IM conversations such a GChat, Facebook chat or Skype, in comments on blog posts and in the over 300 websites accessible by clicking the plus sign next to the ClickThru link. It would be very unfair of us to have a sharing tool that only blogger could use. Please let me know if my response has helped, can you use any other methods to share your ClickThru link, like the ones I have suggested? 
      Thank you for being a long-time member!

  6. Great detailed explanation! Love being a part of the Smiley360 team. You are my favorite product reviews sight.

  7. I have a Facebook and I post things to Facebook but on all my mission I have never received my smile ten points for Facebook please help Am always left with a score of 40 because of it. Thanks

    1. AmberBaerlinFuller  Hi Amber, it looks like your Smiley account is not connected to Facebook at all. Can you try visiting a mission page, clicking share to Facebook and accepting the permissions to connect Smiley360 to Facebook? What happens when you try that?

      1. Thanks for the reply back so soon I have tried that I share things from the misson page to facebook but no still no credit ?

  8. Thanks for giving a little more in depth information.  Looking forward to the next installment!

  9. Thanks for the guide.  I think the hardest thing for me is to actually “complete” a mission with 50 Smiles.  I get half.  I *LOVE* trying new products, giving feedback and sharing with those who will appreciate my candor.  I just wish more of my friends would click through my links!

  10. I love the missions. However it is very hard to get the 50 points because of the click through portion of the points. I have no way of controlling if people click or not on the link.

    1. amykathleen2005  That’s an interesting suggestion, Amy. Actually, on future missions we are working on varying the levels of Smiles required for each tool. In the meantime, to help you with ClickThru I’d like to paste what I already wrote to another commenter above:
      There are actually many other ways to share your ClickThru links to earn your 10 Smiles. For example, you can share it with friends via email, post it in any Facebook groups you are a member of, put it in IM conversations such a GChat, Facebook chat or Skype, in comments on blog posts and in the over 300 websites accessible by clicking the plus sign next to the ClickThru link.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  11. I have found that there is a problem with click thru’s and the survey’s. I have always used my Explorer, but lately i have to use Google Chrome. I use my Mozilla or Explorer most often because they work the smoothest. Now I am forced to use Google Chrome to do Smiley campaigns. I wish it would go back to the way it was 🙁

    1. girlious  Hi there, thanks for sharing. Internet Explorer has so many issues, we do not recommend that anyone uses it. We do recommend both Chrome and Firefox. Do you ever have Smiley issues with Firefox?

  12. Thanks for the help. I don’t score well because I don’t understand, but I think this information will help.

  13. Thanks for the information.  I really wish that the ClickThru points would be bonus points. I do not have my own web site or blog post.  I participate every other way. I am stuck at getting 40 pints per mission.

  14. Thank you for the information. I’m trying to do a better job with each mission because I truly enjoy being part of your program.

  15. glad I read this.. sometimes I forget to post or get lax. I enjoy everything you send to me. and want to move up!

    1. KellyWheelerLight  That’s awesome, Kelly. Thank you! We know it’s easy to forget sometimes, that’s why we send email reminders 🙂 Is there anything else we could do to help?

  16. I am so happy to read this. I couldn’t figure out how many points I needed to level up. Question: To level up to level 4 do those 20 missions need to be completed with 50 points to count?

  17. Thanks for the great info, I know it will be helpful in these blogs. I think a few extra points as Amykathleen2005 said would help. I am looking forward to the Facebook info because sometimes I do it right and sometimes not. Thanks for your patience as we learn the ways to do it right.

  18. Thank You for putting this up to read. There was a lot of things I id not understand but reading this has made it so much clearer.

  19. Thank you & ALOHA! If something costs a lot to mail to Hawaii or because of shipping concerns. Have you considered sending a manufactured coupon for the mission?

    1. honu1219  We do indeed do that! For example, members on the recent OxiClean Liquid Laundry Detergent Mission received a coupon, because it would be much too expensive to ship a 60 oz. bottle!

      1. Oh, I see. What a great way to save! Love it! Mahalo for a quick response. Have a smiley day from here in “HAWAII”

  20. Thank you for finally sending these “how-to” emails explaining in detail how to do our missions. I have been a member for a few years now and there has never been detailed instructions on how to accomplish receiving the total 50 smiles for each mission. I have found that, because I do not have my own blog, I can never meet the full 50 smiles for each mission. It is almost impossible to get the points for the click-thru portion if you don’t run your own blog with a large number of followers. It’s not fair to include the click-thru points, in the total points needed to complete a mission, because of this. Please consider this for those of us that do not have their own blogs and think about removing the click-thru points as part of the total smiles needed to complete a mission.

    1. dsando1  I agree with you completely…I don’t have my own blog either so i wish they would definitely listen to this thanks so much dsando1 for bringing up this point!!

      1. loriedavis80 dsando1Thank you loriedavis80 for commenting. Let’s just hope that Smiley360 will listen to these comments and take our concerns and make some real changes that benefit ALL members. Not just the ones with their own blogs! If more people agree with this being an issue an comment, maybe they will take action and make some changes for the good!

        1. dsando1 loriedavis80  Hi both, and thanks for commenting! We hear you on the ClickThru Smiles. There are actually many other ways to share your ClickThru links to earn your 10 Smiles. For example, you can share it with friends via email, post it in any Facebook groups you are a member of, put it in IM conversations such a GChat, Facebook chat or Skype, in comments on blog posts and in the over 300 websites accessible by clicking the plus sign next to the ClickThru link. It would be very unfair of us to have a sharing tool that only blogger could use. Please let me know if my response has helped, can you use any other methods to share your ClickThru link, like the ones I have suggested?

        2. Thank you @dsando1, @ loriedavis… I as well do not have a blog nor face2face…however I have spoken to family members and friends who have purchased due to my recommendation. I don’t think that’s at all fair. If your posting on the social media that you have that should be sufficient. Also, you get products based on your social media…I have seen people that joined around the time I have joined but because they have blogs , face2face YouTube accounts…they have received a lot more products than I have. I hope they make some changes soon!

    2. dsando1 I absolutely agree! It’s unfair to the rest of us who do not have the time nor want to do a blog! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t promote a product we like to OUR family and friends. It is set up so that I will essentially NEVER fully complete a mission!

  21. I am new to Smiley360.  I do not have a Twitter account and really don’t want one — if I’m understanding correctly, then I will never have a “completed” mission?  Does that mean I won’t get more missions or I just went get to move up a level?

    1. JennyGerthBarum  Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting. Yes it’s true that without a Twitter account, you cannot move up in level because you’re not earning all 50 Smiles. However, it does not damage your Smiley status, because you’re still earning 40 out of 50 Smiles which is still awesome. Many members have created Twitter accounts for the purpose of Smiley360, but we completely understand if it’s just not for you.

  22. As I was reading some of the comments below regarding blogs and not getting the full 50 points.  I DO NOT have a blog, and I always get the full points offered.  There are MANY different ways to use the Click Through option to get max points. There is a +Share on the right side of the link, click on this and it gives you the option to use different things; Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, etc.

  23. Tysm for the explanation 🙂   I have to agree with Dsando1 as I also do not have a blog, nor wish to begin one. Hopefully there can be a compromise or another way to earn the full 50 points.

      1. I’m new and I connected all social networks and I’ve not received any missions or surveys. What can I do

  24. my mission says 0/1 so I was trying to find where to finish it. I did some surveys & now it says level 2 & 0/1

    1. honu1219 A lot! For example, if there’s a mission for a feminine care brand, the mission will only be for females. If we have a mission for a retail store, we will have to recruit Smiley members who live near to the store so they can try it.

  25. I’m pretty sure I completed my last mission (for Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies with Biotin) which I’ve reported back on this website and posted to Facebook about how everyone (well, at least half for sure) that I’ve told or given a sample to has now gone on and bought these for themselves because they work wonders on you hair and nails!  Trust me, I came, I sampled and now I’m living proof!!  They are the best Biotin (or Biotin based) product that I’ve ever tried and I suffered from significant hair loss due to health conditions!  Let me know please, I want to stay in good standing!  I love Smiley360!!

  26. I’m really glad you guys explained this because in the trial mission I was a little confused but i figured out what was necessary.

  27. I don’t understand the click thru? Can someone explain to me how to do that? Also, I do not have a blog either so does that mean I will never complete the Welcome Mission to move forward? I am a level 2 with 75 smiles but it shows 0/1 missions completed. I am so confused

    1. MichelleWatsonChrist Hi Michelle! We just posted about ClickThru right here: http://blog.smiley360.com/the-clickthru-tool.html You do not need a blog to complete your missions! Hope this helps 🙂 ^DOC

  28. I hope this can get myself and others to be better members. I do try and tell but not good at the rest.  Thanks for your help. I don’t mean to disappoint, still learning. .

  29. MichelleWatsonChrist I’ve been wondering the same thing…because I don’t have a blog, will I forever be stuck at Level 2?

  30. I am not happy with this. I have written my reviews on twitter, smiley360 and livefyre and have not received not one completed mission…all because I don’t use Facebook, YouTube or face2face. Also, when I finish my product and write final review they claim I didn’t do final review.

  31. I’m really confused when it comes to the Upload photo, blog review and youtube link parts of these missions. If I’m uploading photos to Twitter, Facebook , and with a Smiley 360 Connect review does it not count? Where and how am I supposed to share a Blog Review. I do not use Pintrest, and I have know idea what the Youtube Link thing is about. I guess 40 out of 50 Smiles(not including bonus Smiles) just isn’t enough.  Someone help please.

  32. New to this thing trying to learn the ropes…getting the hang of it and even got a mission. Pretty cool and I hope to learn and do more soon as I figure everything out!

  33. What is click thru?  I’m on my first mission and I have 45/50 points.  My final 5 points is “click thru”??

  34. To be honest with you BridgetHarrison I really have no idea. I emailed member support  that very same question as soon as I have an answer I will post the reply.

  35. On your mission page you will see an option to share a link-which is your ClickThru. This link can be shared via email, in blog posts, on Facebook, in IM conversations such as Gchat or Skype, Pinterest, Instagram or anywhere else on the web. When people click on your link, they will be taken to a page that tells them all about the product you received. You will earn 1 Smile for every person who clicks on your link (up to 10 Smiles total).

  36. I didn’t get it at first either. So once you post/share the click thru make sure your friends click the link from your page. You shoud get smiles for that.

  37. This was really helpful. It lets me know when I can expect to move up in the process of getting missions.

  38. New and trying to learn what to do. This helps a lot although I have not heard of click thru. Can someone tell me what that is please? I am hoping to get a mission soon (fingers crossed for any). I love to post pictures & even video’s so doing it for a mission would be awesome. Also I love trying products and giving feedback on them. Nice to meet you all.

  39. Thank you for some of the helpful thing.. im still learning this whole thing still.. i have no clue about this click-thru thing tho.. i made a tweet thing just for this smiley360. i mostly just use Facebook. I love using and trying new products.. i will try my very best to give back good feedback on how the product i am trying and using. nice to be able to try news before buying.

  40. I think we should be able to do Facebook or Twitter, not required to do both.  Most people use one or the other.  What is the point of creating the account you don’t have just to earn points and complete the mission if no one is going to see it because you don’t actively use that account?

  41. Thanks for the information. My question is what about the Blog or instragram, Pintrest  when someone doesn’t have them? We miss out on these points but we do everything else. Love the missions but don’t have theses.

  42. OfStarofthesea The purpose of the missions is to get us to use the sharing tools and social media to share their products and our feedback. This is what we do in exchange for the samples and offers. There has to be a benefit for them or it makes no sense as a business decision to send out products to people for their own use. Try social media. It’s fun. You might like it–and you’ll hold up your part of the bargain so they can award you points, badges, and more missions! Don’t give up. The smiley community is by and large very positive and supportive for newbies. I just participated in my first Twitter party and it was a lot of fun getting to talk to other members and interact with the smiley team who awarded eight different prizes. If you get stuck–ask for help. Good luck!

  43. OfStarofthesea to clarify: face to face is where you report interactions with other people offline regarding smiley and the product in the mission. These are easy points to earn–just tell folks in your circle (school, work, socially) and briefly summarize what happened with the number of people present).

  44. Ok so here’s the best suggestion I can give for those of you who are having issues with meeting mission goals. Like some of you, I found it hard to complete missions as well and since I don’t use You Tube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instgram or host a blog. I had to figure out how to meet my mission goals. Here’s what I do, feel free to try it out. Let me know if it helps! 🙂 
    To Make Mission Goals
    1. Make 2 separate posts for your Smiley Connect, Facebook & Twitter. The first one should detail your initial impressions of whatever product/service you are reviewing and second one should detail any follow up opinions you may have. 
    2. Upload a picture
    3. Do 10 Face2Face shares 
    4. When you share a link on your page make sure 10 people click it. Or send it in an email and ask them to click it. That’s an easy 10 points.
    5. If a retail review is required make sure you do it and post a screenshot.
    It won’t get you to 100 points but hopefully now you can complete more missions.

  45. @AdrianFountinSounders. Thank you for explaining how Face2Face works…however @smiley360 has already showed me how to use. I have now received several completed mission’s. Love sharing with everyone I encounter how awesome it is to be a part of smiley360.

  46. I am new to smiley360 but look forward to all the wonderful things it has to offer and will let my friends know about it as well so they can also join.

  47. I am having trouble with my introductory mission. I tried posting to Facebook and it shows a countdown. I don’t have twitter or many of the other things it wants me to do/use. Does that mean I won’t be able to get more missions? I enjoy looking at the products and posting on them I just hope to get the chance to get a free product to review.

  48. Nae714 as far as the countdown, that is just so you know you can’t post back to FB until that reaches 0.  (so you can’t overpost)  As far as points, you have to reach at least the minimum amount to get a “completed” status on the mission.  I haven’t ventured into the YouTube part as of yet, but still am receiving new missions.

  49. nuttnnyce The upload photo is just that, a photo to that specific task, not to FB or twitter.  The blog review is only if you have your own blog, and youtube if you have a youtube “account” where you upload videos.  There is a minimum amount of points you need to receive to get a “completed” status on the mission.

  50. Thank u. I’ve been trying to upload a pic all night. May try again later. I am nervous if I get to review a product what I will need to do.

  51. I do most of mine on facebook also i had did my first mission with the 5 hour energy drink posted on facebook but not sure if i did it right with the share tools they say to use. Can’t find where to go. So i just did it on my page. Can anyone help me! If so thanks!

  52. My account is all discombobulated when Smiley360 had a face-lift. Aggravated that my missions changed from being accepted during the survey then to sarong sorry not qualified. Points? Last in cyber space. My badges, missions completed… All gone. Years of work. All gone

  53. I have a question… on a mission, do you have to reach the total mission score to receive credit for doing the mission? For example my mission I’m on now is the Sleep Number SleepIQ bed it says 60/130, do I need to reach the full 130? thanks

  54. ChristinaBeckwith Hi Christina, you do not need to earn the max points anymore, just reach the Mission Goal. It will say how many points to earn on your Mission Page, just above the first Sharing Tool. Thanks for commenting! ^DOC

  55. I am a new member. I am looking forward to learning the ropes. So excited to try new products and share my feedback:)

  56. I havent recieved one mission other than the intro mission, I’ve done everything and anything asked of me and havent received any missions or products to review…. Unhappy

  57. Thanks for commenting on this particular mission which happens to be my first mission. Went to store last night. Tried to finish up today the opinion part but am confused as to when I have completed it? And how that translates to receiving the pillow?

  58. I have a question for Smiley360.  I have been a member for awhile now and have almost 1000 points but I never get missions. Is it because when I first started I didn’t understand one of the missions and wasn’t able to complete it? Am I being punished and I don’t have any badges for my prior completed missions before the new page came with the changes. I was on level 3, are there no more levels? Thanks for your help!

  59. GinaFallon You complete a Mission when you reach the number of points stated on your Mission page.
    To receive your pillow, you need to take the store card to the store
    and get a demo of the product. This is when the store will get your
    information. After visiting the store and trying out the Sleep Number IQ
    product, share about your store experience using the Facebook, Twitter,
    Face2Face and Smiley Connect Sharing Tools.
    If you are one of the first 3K to share your store experience, you will receive an email stating that your pillow is on its way. ^AK

  60. Just joined and have been reading up and educating myself on the site and how it works.  I do not have a smart/iphone nor do I have a facebook page or twitter account.  I have completed as much of my profile as possible yet it tells me I’m only 86% complete.  If I don’t receive even the introductory mission based on my incomplete profile, how will my status/account ever move forward?

  61. I am very confused. I do not have the sharing tools..Or I just can’t seem to find them. Nor do I have a facebook but I do have a twitter. My profile is at 92% and I have accepted 2 missions. I have used smiley connect but my points don’t go above 30 and I am still at 0 points for my introduction mission. I need help. Nothing I seem to read helps me move forward.

  62. I have made some reviews but not sure if I have completed the mission by doing so I do I know if I complied with the rules of the mission to keep getting missions in the future?

  63. I wish there were not so many required sharing tools to get a Badge. Perhaps if you use all the required sharing, you need less points to get a badge than if you do not use required sharing. I feel many of the products I try are out of place posting on Facebook (sure I have many fb friends and it looks like I reach a lot of people, but I’ve never been told someone bought a product after seeing my post on fb since it’s impersonal). Also some of the products that are available do not make sense or may feel awkward posting on social platforms (but I gladly get the word out through word-of-mouth and reviewing the product on Smiley360, the product website, my blog, etc.)

  64. I’m getting the message that my profile is incomplete. Can you tell me what I’ve missed filling out? And how do I complete my profile?

  65. I also wish there was a way to earn he badge and complete a mission without having to use all the sharing tools. I use facebook, twitter pinterest and face2face but I don’t have a blog or instagram and id rather not have them. I don’t even know how to go about creating a blog or making people want to read it

  66. I also can’t seem to complete my profile. Some of the other things on the site are also confusing. I can’t even seem to get any points for posting on FB. I’m getting VERY Frustrated!! Please Help!!!!

  67. KimSherman For a complete profile, you’ll just need to make sure you have every field completed in the ‘General Info’, ‘Shipping Address’ and ‘Personal Info’ sections of your profile. This includes the About section, profile photo, Facebook and Twitter. The website field is not needed for profile completion.
    If all fields are filled out and you’re still having issues, email us at hello@smiley360.com and we can help you there 🙂

  68. PaulaMPyzia You can earn points for every activity you do on your Missions. While points cannot be redeemed for any tangible rewards, when you earn points, you’re showing us that you’re a good sharer so we will keep rewarding you with more Missions! If you do not earn points, this will harm your chances at future Missions. It is especially bad if you end a Mission without earning any points!
    Here’s a great guide on what Missions, points and badges are: http://blog.smiley360.com/smiley360-explained/

  69. SCINNAMON Do you have a picture on your profile? For the longest time mine was saying it was not complete also once I did this it was complete.

  70. JessicaReneeHa3 You highlight the link like at the bottom of the page then right click on it  click copy then go to like facebook right click paste then post it like you would a normal post

  71. this is alot of fun i cant wait to get my first box it will be fun. but i have done my whole profile at least 4 times it wont take can you help me?

  72. This site has offered a few freebies to try and they have been so helpful.I love it.To even see what other people have to say is great.

  73. JanetHillDukes Hi Janet, declining a Mission offer will not affect your standing as a member or your future Mission qualifications. What would affect your status is if you accepted a Mission but did not participate.

    You don’t need to accept every Mission you qualify for. We only want members on a Mission if they truly want to try that product and share their opinion. If you’re not interested in the product this time–let someone else take the spot!

    Hope you get something new to try soon!

  74. I just joined so im new to this site. What are other ways to earn points and badges beside just sharing the post on social media?

  75. I also just joined and I am beyond super excited to receive my first mission. I love trying new things and I think it’s very important that others get more than one person’s opinion on a product. I’m really hoping to get the Sleep Number Pillow. Sleep Number has called me 4 times and set up an appt. for me to have a rep come by and get more info and I was supposed to receive a pillow from the rep. Only thing is, they’ve cancelled every time. But I realize things beyond our control happen. The Sleep Number Bed is something I’m looking into more & more because of my back problems so I was really looking forward to obtaining the pillow but maybe now that will happen
    I’m really looking forward to getting started and am eagerly awaiting my first mission. Hello Smiley 360!

  76. SharonMcclusky  Glad to help you out here!

    For a complete profile, you’ll need to make sure you have the following fields completed:General Info, including profile photo and About sectionConnection to Facebook and Twitter accountsPersonal InfoShipping Address
    If you filled out these sections and your profile is still at 83%, email us at hello@smiley360.com and we can help you out there!

  77. How can I get  a mission? I am just waiting patiently but from the time I join, I have not seen or heard anything yet.

  78. SharonMcclusky it did that to me until i synced my facebook, instagram and twitter. Now it is at 100%

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