1)    Set a timer for your cleaning to maximize efficiency, you’d be surprised how much you can get done in 15 minutes!

2)    Spring cleaning power order: Declutter first, Clean second. Organize third.

3)    Rub bathroom mirrors with shaving cream and wipe off with a soft cloth to cut down on post-shower fogging

4)    Scared to tackle what’s hiding under the fridge? Use an automobile snow brush to get at crumbs and dust under the fridge

5)    Use boiling water and two teabags to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep in the boiling water for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a bucket. Take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea. The cloth merely needs to be damp, not soaked. This will enable the floor to dry quickly. Wash the floor and be ready to be amazed by the sheen.