Looking for new ways to get you and the kiddies off the couch this summer? Here are 5 fun ways to get everyone up and moving to bust that summer boredom!

1. Paper Towel Butterflies


What you’ll need:

-Plain white paper towels
-4 different colors of food coloring
-Pipe cleaners

Step 1: Add each color of food coloring into separate cups of water.  

Step 2: Fold your paper towel in half six times, then allow your child to dip each corner of the folded paper towel into colored water.

Step 3: After dipping into each color, let the excess water drip back into the bowls, then open up the paper towel and lay flat to dry.

Step 4: When the paper towel is dry, gather the center of the towel and wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around it, twist it, center the wings, flatten the body, and then curl the antennas. Now your butterflies are ready to be hung from the ceiling!

2. DIY Slip and Slide


What you’ll need: 

-Any type of tarp
-A bottle or two of dish soap
-A working hose
-A grassy area!

Step 1: Spread out the tarp and spray it down with the hose until it’s saturated.

Step 2: Splatter the soap around the tarp.

Step 3: GET WET! You and your kids can now slip and slide to your heart’s content! 

Tip: If you have a sprinkler, set it up alongside your homemade slip and slide to add some extra slippy-ness. Or, try setting the tarp up on a hill to give the kids some speed! Be sure to hose down after and move the tarp to a new spot in the yard to dry off so your saturated grass has some time to heal!

3. Water Gun Painting


Whether your kid has a knack for art, or just making a mess, water gun painting will provide you with  unique art to hang up on the fridge!

What you’ll need:

-Tempra paint
-Water guns
-Canvas or thick paper
-Drop cloth or sheet (or a lawn you don’t mind getting some paint on!)

Step 1: Mix together one part paint and one part water

Step 2: Carefully pour into water hole of the gun

Step 3: Spray away!

Adding painter’s tape or stickers that you can peel off will create cool designs that will stand out against the splatter!

4. Homemade Bubbles


What you’ll need:

-2 cups of water
-½ cup of liquid dish soap
-⅛ cup of corn syrup
-Large container for mixing

Step 1: Pour all ingredients into the large container

Step 2: Shake up ingredients and allow bubbles to settle

Step 3: Blow bubbles!

5. DIY Fidget Spinner

Your child can create the hottest fad in addictive toys all on their own, with simple materials found right in your home! Warning, you may want to make one for yourself too–these fun toys will keep you entertained for hours!


What you’ll need:

-Thin cardboard (or thick paper)
-Decorative patterned paper
-A toothpick
-Hot glue gun
-Scissors and something to poke holes with, like a needle
-This free template!

Step 1: Cut out patterned paper and cardboard into the shapes from the template and use glue to attach the patterned paper to the cardboard.

Step 2: Line up the decorated cardboard with the template and poke a hole through the middle dot with your needle, then make the hole larger by sticking the point of the scissor through.

Step 3: Use hot glue to stick a penny onto each end of the fidget, to provide the weight and momentum needed to keep your spinner spinning. 

Step 4: Cut out two pieces of cardboard into the size and shape of a penny, then stick a toothpick all the way through the center of one on your circular pieces–one millimeter of the point should still be  sticking through. Using the hot glue gun, cover the tip of the toothpick and let it dry so it is no longer sharp to the touch.

Step 5: Stick the fidget onto the toothpick and the other side, slide the other circular cutout on and cut the toothpick to to be about one millimeter long, and cover point with glue.

Step 6: Make sure the fidget spins and to release friction, you can increase the hole size the toothpick sticks through.

Step 7: Enjoy and have fun! (But spin with caution!)

What’s your favorite activity to do with your child in the heat of summer? Share with us in the comments below, or better yet–show us! Tag us in a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter showing off your best summer boredom busters.