Make the best of these summer days with your kids! They only stay little so long and this is the time to make memories.

The heat has started here in Southern California which means summer is right around the corner! Now this means that kids are out of school and parents now have to try to figure out what to do to keep those kiddos entertained. We have a three year old so we actually need to come up with ideas all year long to keep our family busy. We not only like to do events on the weekends but during the week as well. We feel this saves us from feeling like the week is dragging and puts a little kink in the routine.

I am one of those people who must always have the calendar updated with various events that we can hit, depending on what we feel like doing that day. That is why I suggest that each family have a calendar in which you can place all events and refer to. We use Google Calendar and have them synced on our iPhones (my husband and I) so we can both update and see what can be done a certain day. There are so many different ones out there and various designed for families so look around.

Now the trick is finding all these family friendly events that are out there without having to break the bank! We are a one income family so we need to have events that don’t cost us a whole lot but we still want to have fun. Here are just some of my suggestions… even though we are in Southern California, use these as guidelines for your home town to start looking for things to do.

  1. Amusement Parks: This is a given. Getting a membership to an amusement
    park seems so expensive to have to come up with the money right away but they are such a great way to have a backup plan when you just want to get out of the house! We have one to Disneyland because we are 15 minutes from there and love to be able to just drop in for an hour or two during the week.
  2. Aquariums, Children Museums, Zoos: These are also great for summertime. Besides having your admission paid for every time you visit, keep track of any events they might be having during the month that are only available to members or allow discounts to members. Our local zoo has an AWESOME toddler class that is twice a month and is only $5.00 per class because we are members.
  3. Book Stores and Libraries: Most book stores such as Barnes and Noble have story time for young ones and sometimes they have special events where they bring in characters from your kids’ favorite books. Also check your local library. During the summer months they add events because they know kids need to be kept busy and are great for families to do something together.
  4. Craft Stores and Home Improvement Stores: I just recently discovered that Michaels has classes designed for little ones to do crafts plus once a month certain ones have Family Craft times where you can get everyone involved. They are low priced and allow you can register ahead of time or just show up. Also your local Home Improvement Stores have great building activities on the weekends where all materials are provided and the kids get to make some cool stuff.
  5. Community Centers: Every semester we receive a manual from our local community center that has a schedule of classes for all ages, adults, kids and families for anything from sports to art classes. These have been such a huge life saver for my husband who stays home with our little one. Included with the classes is a list of family events going on around our neighborhood throughout the summer including concerts in the park, 4th of July events and movies in the park! Keep an eye out for them or log onto their website to see what they have available.
  6. Local Mall: Most malls have family events during the week or on the weekends that range from cooking classes for little ones to crafting. Check your local mall website where they will post events for the mall and for stores located in the malls.
  7. Bowling, Miniature Golf, Family Centers, etc.: Always check the websites to your local family centers for free events or discount days. These will be very common during the next couple of months! During the summer, kids can bowl for free at certain bowling arenas, check your local place.
  8. Theaters: Many movie theaters have days during the week where ticket prices are a lot less than the regular ticket prices. This might be a great way to get out of the house during the week without having to break the bank. Also check your local theater, some are showing kids flicks on certain mornings for only a $1.00!

Several times I have been asked by friends and family members how do I know what is going on around us and how do I keep us so busy! Well I have my list of places that once a month I sit down on my computer and check their websites for events happening. I then add those that I think we would be interested in doing this way they are at our fingertips when we want something to do!

Make the best of these summer days with your kids! They only stay little so long and this is the time to make memories. Although I will admit that I also do this for selfish reason, it is nice to get out of the day to day work day routine that we get sucked into and have a little fun during the week! is a blog about figuring out motherhood and what the heck my GEEK husband is talking about all at the same time. I blog and tweet about family, food, product reviews and giveaways.